Villa Feltrinelli – A Luxury Escapade at Lake Garda, Italy



A beautifully restored mansion, Villa Feltrinelli stands at the edge of Lake Garda, one of the deepest and most pristine lakes in all of Europe.

This astonishing hotel makes even the most spoilt guests feel lucky to be there, and the most jaded feel soothed and at home. Built in 1892, the villa was the summer residence of the super-rich Feltrinellis, and later sheltered Mussolini during the war. With much of the original furniture intact, it has been superbly restored, no expense spared, and once more feels like the most arresting and luxurious private home you could hope to stay in.

With a Michelin star for the food  the ville’s Chef Stefano Baiocco focuses his talent and creativity on the abundance of local products. The wine cellar abounds with both regional and some of Italy’s most famous vintages.

This luxurious property has been welcoming guests since 2001. The season extends from April to October.

If you are planning an early Summer Escapade… this is the place to go!

4-16-2014 10-38-37 AM4-6-2014 4-33-12 PM

4-16-2014 10-38-56 AM4-6-2014 3-41-01 PM4-6-2014 3-41-31 PM4-6-2014 3-58-43 PM4-6-2014 3-54-07 PM4-16-2014 10-39-17 AM

4-16-2014 10-41-15 AM

4-16-2014 10-42-47 AM4-6-2014 4-01-53 PM

4-16-2014 10-39-47 AM4-16-2014 10-40-07 AM

4-6-2014 4-25-16 PM

4-16-2014 10-41-38 AM4-6-2014 3-45-26 PM4-6-2014 3-46-02 PM4-6-2014 3-47-03 PM

4-16-2014 10-43-07 AM

4-16-2014 10-43-30 AM

4-16-2014 10-43-51 AM4-6-2014 4-57-58 PM

Villa Feltrinelli
Via Rimembranza 38-40
25084 Gargnano, Italy
Telephone: 390-365-79-8000


The 2014 Save Venice Ball at The Pierre Hotel


It was a stylishly sylvan atmosphere at this year’s Save Venice Ball. Steering away from last April’s Black & White theme, this year’s guests ascended the steps of The Pierre into an enchanted forest with massive bouquets of branches and florals underneath which a musician in a floral printed dress strummed a golden harp. The chic cause benefits the restoration of historic buildings in the Italian city and always draws an A-list crowd of fashion figures, socialites, and models. This year’s ball chairs included Coco Brandolini D’Adda, Lauren and Andrès Santo Domingo, Tabitha Simmons and Craig McDean, Jessica Hart, Stavros Niarchos and many more.

4-8-2014 1-36-02 PM

Giovanna Battaglia, Jessica Hart and Bianca Brandolini

4-8-2014 1-34-56 PM Lily Aldridge

4-8-2014 1-35-35 PM

 Lauren Santo Domingo

4-8-2014 1-36-24 PM

 Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea

4-8-2014 1-36-42 PM

 Padma Lakshmi

4-8-2014 12-27-04 PM

 Harry Brant, Sofia Barrenechea and Carlos Mota

4-8-2014 1-37-59 PM

  Jessica Hart and Stavros Niarchos

4-8-2014 1-39-52 PM

 Di Mondo

4-8-2014 1-38-24 PM Lauren Santo Domingo and Hamish Bowles

4-8-2014 1-48-11 PM Tabitha Simmons

4-8-2014 1-50-15 PM Sarah Flint and Shane Spinell

4-8-2014 1-41-40 PM4-8-2014 1-40-53 PM The scene inside The Pierre Hotel

4-8-2014 1-41-10 PM

4-8-2014 1-37-05 PM

4-8-2014 1-37-39 PM4-8-2014 1-50-41 PM

The table setting

4-8-2014 1-39-17 PM Lazaro Hernandez and Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea

4-8-2014 1-49-51 PM


The Glamour of Italian Fashion Exhibit at V&A


For those who have said that Italy is in the midst of a fashion crisis—considering that Milan is an overshadowed fashion capital in comparison to Paris and New York—one look at the new Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition, “The Glamour of Italian Fashion: 1945-2014,” may change their tune.

Looking at Italy’s transition from its post-war climate to the luxury held on the catwalks in the 50s, The Glamour of Fashion will take the history of Italy into account and apply its influence and impact on the world of Italian fashion. It will examine its textile sector, the designers who were a part of it and why we find so much comfort in that ‘Made In Italy’ trademark.

With 100 outfits and accessories by brands among the likes of Valentino, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Prada and Versace as well as the next generation of Italian talent, it’s an exhibition not to be missed.

4-5-2014 1-00-52 PM

Simonetta Evening Gown

4-5-2014 12-56-35 PM Roman Holiday

4-5-2014 12-57-10 PM Elizabeth Taylor in Bulgari jewels

4-5-2014 12-59-49 PM

Gianfranco Ferre Advertisement

4-5-2014 1-06-09 PMValentino

4-5-2014 12-59-24 PM Roberto Capucci Dress

4-5-2014 12-58-25 PM

 Dolce & Gabbana ankle boots

4-5-2014 1-20-23 PM4-5-2014 1-21-07 PM4-5-2014 1-15-24 PM4-5-2014 1-14-51 PM


A TOUCH of Italy came to London as the Victoria & Albert Museum opened the doors of its new exhibitiion - The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945-2014 - for the very first time.

4-5-2014 1-24-30 PM

 Franca Sozzani, Valentino Garavani and Alexandra Shulman.

4-5-2014 1-24-47 PM

 Tom Ford and Rita Ora, who wore a gown by Roberto Cavalli.

4-5-2014 1-25-56 PM

 Christopher Kane and Sarah Burton.

4-5-2014 1-27-03 PM

Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari, and Elizabeth Hurley.

4-5-2014 1-28-16 PM Christopher Kane and Sarah Burton.

4-5-2014 1-26-17 PM

 Eva Herzigova and Stefano Gabbana.

4-5-2014 1-27-54 PM

  Franca Sozzani and Tom Ford.


“The Glamour of Italian Fashion: 1945-2014,” sponsored by Bulgari, runs from April 5 through July 27, 2014. For more information and tickets, visit


Berber Women of Morocco Exhibition in Paris


Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé shared a love of Morocco and began collecting Berber art in the ‘60s. In 1980, the duo purchased the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech and repaired it with the help of American architect Bill Willis. After some planning, The Berber Museum was inaugurated in painter Jacques Majorelle’s former studio.

For its new exhibit, “Berber Women of Morocco,” the Fondation Pierre Bergé–Yves Saint Laurent, which occupies Saint Laurent’s former haute couture house in Paris, features more than 200 items, including gorgeous textiles, jewelry, and ceramics, on loan mostly from the permanent collection of the Musée Berbère, a museum of Berber culture Bergé and Saint Laurent founded in Marrakech.

3-28-2014 12-13-35 PM

3-27-2014 12-59-24 PM3-27-2014 12-59-54 PM3-27-2014 1-03-03 PM3-27-2014 1-12-42 PM3-27-2014 1-01-28 PM3-27-2014 1-00-41 PM

3-27-2014 1-02-07 PM3-27-2014 1-13-04 PM3-27-2014 1-06-22 PM3-27-2014 1-03-35 PM3-27-2014 1-06-43 PM

3-28-2014 12-14-11 PM

3-28-2014 12-14-31 PM

3-27-2014 1-00-21 PM


Berber Women of Morocco

The Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent

5 Avenue Marceau 75116 / 33 (0)144316400

On view through July 20th, 2014

Photos courtesy of the foundation


Italian Futurism : Reconstructing the Universe at The Guggenheim


Italian Futurism 1909 – 1944 : Reconstructing the Universe is a spectacular survey of what has long been the most neglected canonical movement in modern art—because it is also the most embarrassing. An avant-garde so clownish, in its grandiose posturing, and so sinister, in its political embrace of Italian Fascism, has been easy to shrug off, but the show makes a powerful case for second thoughts.

Presenting over 300 works executed between 1909 and 1944, the chronological exhibition encompasses not only painting and sculpture, but also architecture, design, ceramics, fashion, film, photography, advertising, free-form poetry, publications, music, theater, and performance.

A Must See!

3-16-2014 2-03-57 PM3-16-2014 2-02-58 PM Fortunato Depero’s “Stormy Patriot Marinetti : Psychological Portrait”

3-16-2014 2-03-29 PM “White Puppets” by Depero

3-16-2014 2-04-24 PM Depero’s “Little Black and White Devils, Dance of Devils”

3-16-2014 2-05-42 PM Depero’s “Marinetti’s Futurist Waistcoats” 1923

3-16-2014 2-21-00 PM A Futurism manifesto from 1909

3-16-2014 2-21-43 PM Three murals celebrating modern communication painted in the early’30s by Benedetta Cappa

3-16-2014 2-42-47 PM Ivo Pannaggi “Speeding Train” 1922

3-16-2014 2-43-46 PM Giacomo Balla “The Hand of the Violinist” 1921

3-16-2014 2-44-20 PM Umberto Boccioni “Unique Forms of Continuity in Space” 1913

3-16-2014 2-44-37 PM

 Tullio Crali “Before the Parachute Opens” 1939

3-16-2014 2-58-45 PM

Fortunato Depero “Skyscrapers and Tunnels” 1930.

3-16-2014 2-51-12 PM Carlo Carra “Interventionist Demonstration” 1914

3-16-2014 2-52-05 PM

 Francesco Cangiullo “Large Crowd in the Piazza del Popolo” 1914

3-16-2014 2-52-35 PM3-16-2014 2-50-22 PM

Installation view: ‘Italian Futurism, 1909–1944: Reconstructing the Universe’, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, February 21–September 1, 2014

Check the video:


Gisele’s $50 Million LA Chateau For Sale


After showcasing their dreamy estate in Architectural Digest‘s October issue, it looks like Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are already calling it quits on their custom-built chateau.

The fantastic Los Angeles home is on the market for a staggering, but probably justifiable, $50 million. The world’s richest supermodel and her NFL quarterback husband, Tom Brady, are said to have bought the land that the house stands on for $11 million in 2008, before they married, and have spent the past five years and a rumoured $20 million creating the 14,000sq ft chateau we see today.

Designed by architect Richard Landry and decorated by interior designer Joan Behnke, the house has five bedrooms, nine bathrooms and all the eco-aware mod cons that the couple desired – including solar panels, composting, a mini farm (complete with chickens and a vegetable patch), and greywater systems. With almost four acres of garden, which boast a koi-stocked moat and infinity pool, the exterior is almost – if not quite – as stunning as the interior, which features a neutral colour scheme, homely furnishings and plenty of space.

So why then, when it took five years to build and decorate – and was the place that motivated Bündchen to declare, “It was important for us to plant roots for our family” – is the foursome leaving already? Moving nearer to Brady’s team, and their current base, in Boston seems to be the favoured explanation, although we’d need a better reason than a gruelling six-hour commute to abandon this castle.

3-20-2014 11-25-19 AM3-20-2014 11-24-25 AM3-20-2014 11-40-13 AM3-20-2014 11-43-17 AM3-20-2014 11-44-42 AM3-20-2014 11-40-38 AM3-20-2014 11-40-56 AM3-20-2014 11-41-14 AM3-20-2014 11-41-33 AM3-20-2014 11-42-17 AM3-20-2014 11-42-32 AM3-20-2014 11-42-55 AM3-20-2014 11-43-35 AM3-20-2014 11-43-58 AM3-20-2014 11-44-19 AM3-20-2014 11-39-48 AM3-20-2014 11-47-14 AM3-20-2014 11-25-56 AM


Bill Cunningham’s ‘Facade’ Photos at NYC Museum


Bil Cunningham is a familiar presence on the social and fashion pages of The New York Times, and the streets of New York City, riding a bicycle with a small camera bag strapped to his waist.

But long before his images of street fashion became a regular newspaper feature, Cunningham and his fellow photographer and muse, Editta Sherman, would comb thrift stores, auctions and street fairs for beautiful vintage finds, as well as scout interesting architectural sites. They collected some 500 outfits and photographed more than 1,800 locations for the Facades project, pairing each site with the era of its accompanying outfit.

The New York Historical Society has unveiled Bill Cunningham: Facades, a retrospective dedicated to the legendary photographer and his eight-year project. The exhibition presents 80 thoughtfully juxtaposed images, evoking the spirit of the duo’s treasure hunt and their passion for the city. Through June 15h, explore the architectural riches and fashion history of New York City through the eye of the renowned New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham.

3-19-2014 3-43-26 PMAt the Paris Theater

3-19-2014 3-43-44 PMAt the 21 Club

3-19-2014 3-44-47 PM

 At Federal Hall

3-19-2014 3-45-12 PM At the Gothic Bridge in Central Park

3-19-2014 3-46-41 PM

 At Grand Central Terminal

3-19-2014 3-47-13 PM3-19-2014 3-47-43 PM At the Associated Press Building at Rockefeller Center

3-19-2014 3-42-43 PM At the General Motors Building

3-19-2014 3-44-12 PM Mr. Cunningham at work outside the olde New York County Courthouse


Where to Buy Luxury Watches in New York


Haute couture? So last season. Today, we’re into haute horlogerie, also known as the fine craft of assembling watches. New York City is the top shopping destination in the country when it comes to timepieces, with flagship boutiques from Switzerland and beyond dotting 57th Street and Madison and Fifth Avenues. Seriously, there’s enough bling in that area that even Donald Trump would go broke trying to buy it all.

3-4-2014 3-24-46 PM TOURNEAU

Outside, you always know what time it is around the world thanks to their giant international clocks. Inside, you can shop for timepieces from the highest of high end names (Bulgari, Patek Philippe, and the like) to more everyday names like Baby G and Ralph Lauren.

12 E 57TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10022
(212) 758-7300

3-4-2014 3-26-06 PM


If it’s frequently name-dropped by Jay Z, then it can’t be left off this list. Expect top-of-the-line service to match the excellent Swiss-made (where else) designs in scratch-proof gold, titanium, and all sorts of diamonds.

(212) 308-0408

3-4-2014 3-26-32 PM


One of the most recognizable names in Swiss watchmaking, Montblanc offers luxurious timepieces for both men and women—though ladies may want to stick to the chunky men’s style that will never go out of fashion.

(212) 223-8888

3-4-2014 3-26-50 PM


Though prices generally aren’t under $5,000 for sleek, high-tech, masculine watches from the Swiss brand, there is something a bit cheaper toward the back of the 57th Street store—a bar.

5 E 57TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10022
(855) 999-1884

3-4-2014 3-27-41 PM


heir 3,000-square-foot store looks more like a high-end salon than a watch store. Let concierge service cater to you while your browse through their ultra-masculine styles like Royal Oak, which is also available in a women’s version.

65 E 57TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10022
(212) 688-6644
3-4-2014 3-28-02 PM


Some of the most beautiful designs from the Swiss brand founded in 1957 are their skeleton watches, which feature the delicate inner workings of time pieces encircled by white gold and diamonds. But these styles are so expensive that prices aren’t even listed on their site—but they will list an $83,000 style.

36 E 57TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10022
(212) 246-5555

3-4-2014 3-28-26 PM


The Swiss brand (pronounced Tag OY-err—you learn something new every day) just recently celebrated their New York flagship opening with a party at the MoMA featuring an appearance by “global ambassador” Cameron Diaz.

(212) 230-1281

3-4-2014 3-28-49 PM


The largest IWC boutique in the world is located on Madison Avenue, with plenty of room to house their watch “families,” which includes limited edition styles sold exclusively in the boutique.

(212) 355-7271

3-4-2014 3-29-12 PM


Though the historic mansion sells just about every luxe accessory you can imagine, it would be ludicrous to leave the maker of the Tank watch off this list.

(212) 753-0111

3-4-2014 3-29-36 PM


Located inside the gorgeous Waldorf-Astoria hotel, Cellini Jewelers carries the top names in watches alongside their jewelry and engagement pieces. Think the Hilton sisters shopped here growing up?

(212) 751-9824

3-4-2014 3-29-58 PM


Though West 47th Street is better known for its diamonds, hidden on the block is one of the city’s top vintage watch dealers and repair shops. Founder Dimitrie Vicovanu stockpiles old watch parts to make any repair possible.

15 W 47TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10036
(212) 997-2353


While this is another hidden gem that specializes in repairing any watch from any time period or brand, they also sell a collection of pre-owned watches that have been refurbished to look like new. That means they won’t be full-price, and for a product of this quality, any discount is welcome.

2 W 46TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10036
(212) 840-0441


Exhibition Magazine Celebrates Silk


Sub-titled Silk, the pages of the fourth edition of the annual photography magazine Exhibition, published February 16, are rich with photographers’ interpretations of the fluid fabric theme. Edwin Sberro, the creative director and co-founder of the magazine, deciphers several of the images. You’ll find models Natasha Poly, Anja Rubik, and Sasha Luss among other, while some of the photographers who contributed to the new issue are Danielle + Iango, Pierre Debusschere, Solve Sundsbo, to name a few.

3-12-2014 9-59-13 AM

3-12-2014 9-56-25 AM

Sølve Sundsbø

With his models swathed in metallic silk, the Norwegian photographer transforms them into liquid statues.

3-13-2014 2-25-00 PM3-12-2014 9-56-50 AM

Luigi & Daniele + Iango

The creative team unveils the incredible Mugler archives, on the sublime body of icon Anja Rubik.

3-12-2014 9-58-10 AM

 Luigi & Daniele + Iango

Luigi & Daniele + Iango shoot the stunning Natasha Poly in monochrome, capturing a stolen moment of soft, sheer sensuality in an instant of awakening quiet, that hints at secrets of the night.

3-13-2014 2-25-35 PM3-12-2014 9-57-22 AM

Pierre Debusschere

Charged with symbolism, duo Pierre Debusschere and Robbie Spencer present shots of urban melancholy.

3-13-2014 2-20-03 PM Sølve Sundsbø


Trend Watch – Fall Winter 2014-15 Jewelry



With the single earring at Céline, a fur and leather mash-up at Fendi and creole hoops at Balmain, we’ve trawled the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris so you don’t have to. A round-up of the jewelry trends for Fall/Winter 2014-2015.

3-7-2014 4-28-49 PM

Creole hoops at Balmain

3-7-2014 4-29-12 PM

Leather and fur at Fendi

3-7-2014 4-27-28 PM Single charm earrings at Céline

3-7-2014 4-28-14 PM Fringed bracelets at Chloé

3-7-2014 4-30-59 PMCrystal flowers at Dolce & Gabbana

3-7-2014 4-31-32 PMGold triangles at Saint Laurent

3-7-2014 4-31-57 PMHand bracelets at Alexander McQueen

3-7-2014 4-33-22 PM Crystal chokers at Balenciaga

3-7-2014 4-33-42 PM Statement cuffs at Lanvin

3-7-2014 4-34-11 PM Crystal collars at Givenchy

3-7-2014 4-34-35 PM Tribal collars at Etro

3-7-2014 4-35-03 PM Bonbon bracelets at Gucci

3-7-2014 4-35-33 PM Bandana necklaces at Isabel Marant

3-7-2014 4-36-02 PM Figurative cuffs at Christian Dior

3-7-2014 4-36-27 PM Multi-rings at Nina Ricci

3-7-2014 4-38-15 PM Chains at Moschino

3-7-2014 4-38-39 PM Medallion cuffs at Versace

3-7-2014 4-39-17 PM Pendant earrings at Oscar de la Renta

3-7-2014 4-40-20 PM

XXL chains at Giambattista Valli

3-7-2014 4-40-41 PM Triple rings at Proenza Schouler


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