Cubism – The Leonard A. Lauder Collection at The Met


With one magnificent gift, Leonard Lauder has vaulted New York’s Metropolitan Museum from modern art weakling to global champ. Until recently, the world’s finest artistic institution remained tentative about the 20th century (and utterly perplexed by the 21st). Now, as the new Cubism show decisively proves, Lauder’s $1 bn trove of paintings by Picasso, Braque, Gris and Léger has given the Met a whole new area to dominate.

The Collection is being shown in public for the first time—eighty-one paintings, collages, drawings, and sculpture by the four preeminent Cubist artists: Georges Braque (French, 1882–1963), Juan Gris (Spanish, 1887–1927), Fernand Léger (French, 1881–1955), and Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881–1973).

A must see!

11-17-2014 12-18-27 AM Leonard Lauder with Pablo Picasso “Nude in Armchair”.

11-17-2014 12-20-50 AMJuan Gris, “Still Life with Checked Tablecloth” (1915).

11-17-2014 12-22-26 AM Georges Braque, “Violin: Mozart Kubelick” (1912).

11-17-2014 12-23-03 AM “Composition (The Typographer)” (1918-19), by Fernand Léger.

11-17-2014 12-23-54 AM

 Pablo Picasso, “Student with a Newspaper” (1913-14).

11-17-2014 3-02-05 PM

 Juan Gris, “Pears and Grapes on a Table” (1913).

11-17-2014 3-03-03 PM

Fernand Léger, “The Village” (1914).

11-17-2014 3-03-39 PMFernand Léger, “The Tugboat” (1918).

11-17-2014 2-53-48 PM Juan Gris, “Head of a Woman (Portrait of the Artist’s Mother)” (1912).

11-17-2014 5-01-36 PM

Pablo Picasso The Scallop Shell : “Notre Avenir est dans l’Air” (1912)

11-17-2014 5-00-43 PM

 Pablo Picasso “Nude in an Armchair” Horta de Ebro (present-day Horta de Sant Joan), summer 1909

11-18-2014 12-16-58 PM

11-18-2014 12-20-20 PM

11-18-2014 12-20-57 PM

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

October 20, 2014 – February 16, 2015


Barneys & Baz Luhrmann unveil “Baz Dazzled” Holiday Window


Last night, a little rain couldn’t get in the way of Barneys, Baz Luhrmann, and Catherine Martin to celebrate the “Baz Dazzled” Holiday Window Unveiling at Barneys in New York City. The event, complete with a performance by Pentonix and an exquisite wonderland theme, brought together notables from the fashion and entertainment industries for a night of holiday magic.

Just as the windows were unveiled featuring a mesmerizing ice dancer, a gilded “truth” owl, and many more fanciful creatures, a drumline procession provided the beat needed for guests to head on to a dinner celebration a few blocks away at the Central Park Zoo.

11-14-2014 11-47-22 am

11-14-2014 11-55-18 AM11-14-2014 3-48-03 PM

11-14-2014 3-47-41 PM

11-14-2014 3-46-05 PM11-14-2014 11-44-58 AM

11-14-2014 11-45-57 am11-14-2014 12-00-57 PM11-14-2014 12-01-21 PM11-14-2014 12-01-37 PM11-14-2014 12-02-01 PM

The greeters at the Central Park Zoo Dinner

11-14-2014 2-05-30 PM11-14-2014 3-49-38 PM11-14-2014 11-54-29 am11-14-2014 2-07-37 PM11-14-2014 2-06-44 PM11-14-2014 3-50-00 PM

11-14-2014 2-22-09 PM11-14-2014 3-49-16 PM


Annie Leibovitz Gives The Corcoran Group’s Ad Campaign a High-Gloss Sheen


The Corcoran Group Real Estate launched an evolution of its “Live Who You Are” campaign, with ads featuring 12 portraits of notable cultural figures—from Jimmy Buffet to professional surfer Quincy Davis, as well as restaurateurs, equestrians, and artisans. The message embedded in these images is that the homes we purchase should reflect the most creative, stylish, or ambitious parts of ourselves. And who better to document this heightened sense of self than celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz?

The campaign features well-known personalities relaxing in the comfort of their lavish homes in affluent areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Hamptons and Palm Beach.

No one is better than Annie at meeting someone and finding out what makes them tick.

9-2-2014 9-06-15 PM Michele Oka Doner – artist, Soho neighborhood of New York City

9-2-2014 9-05-22 PMChristina Tosi, chef and owner, Milk Bar, Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn

9-2-2014 9-04-41 PMThe Topping Family, 13th-generation equestrians, Sagaponack, New York

9-2-2014 9-04-05 PM

 Misty Copeland, soloist, American Ballet Theatre, Upper West Side neighborhood of New York City

9-2-2014 9-08-52 PMTyson Chandler & Family, NBA basketball player, Upper East Side neighborhood of New York City

9-2-2014 9-08-21 PMAndrew Solomon, John Habich Solomon and son, writers and editor, Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City

9-2-2014 9-01-56 PMEvan & Oliver Haslegrave (brothers), founders of hOmE, Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn

9-2-2014 9-00-49 PMMario Nievera, landscape architect, Palm Beach, Florida

9-2-2014 9-03-08 PMMara Miller, Jesse Carrier and family, interior designers, Carrier & Co., Carnegie Hill, New York

9-2-2014 9-00-17 PMFrancesca and Hans Pauli, restaurateurs, Sant Ambroeus, Southampton, New York

9-2-2014 9-06-44 PMQuincy Davis, professional surfer, Montauk, New York

9-2-2014 9-07-39 PMJimmy Buffett, singer, songwriter and author, Palm Beach, Florida

The campaign is a continuation of Corcoran’s “Live Who You Are” marketing campaign, which launched in 2006 and got a makeover in 2012 with a new website, a TV marketing campaign  featuring a French bulldog puppy video and illustrations from Swedish artist Kari Moden.

Check the French bulldog puppy video


New York City Street Art


One of NYC’s many pleasures is turning a corner to find a street-art mural taking up an entire wall, or spotting a piece by your favorite artist.

10-29-2014 10-49-58 AM10-29-2014 10-50-53 AM Brazilian Street Artist Kobra in West Village, New York City.

10-29-2014 10-55-38 AM Joe Iurato in Bushwick

10-30-2014 9-30-45 PMNew works by the legendary French stencil artist Blek Le Rat – whose rats first surfaced on the streets of Paris in 1981 – can now be seen at the Quin on West 57th Street and on the streets of NYC

10-30-2014 9-31-08 PMThe Violinist – Here another work from the exhibit Escaping Paris.

11-1-2014 1-48-47 PM

 Woody Allen Street Art by Jef Aerosol

11-1-2014 1-52-03 PM

 Anne Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld by Bradley Theodore

11-1-2014 1-53-06 PM

 Audrey Hepburn mural by Tristan Eaton

11-1-2014 2-00-03 PM

French street artist JR and Chinese artist Liu Bolin have collaborated in Nolita, NYC, on a great looking work.

10-30-2014 9-38-51 PMA work of street art on the famed Houston Street wall by artist John Matos on June 6, 2013 in New York City.

10-30-2014 9-29-41 PMA girl jokingly poses with a new installation of British graffiti artist Banksy’s art in New York.

10-30-2014 9-35-48 PM

Solus in Little Italy

10-30-2014 9-29-18 PM Fast paced NYC… by Banksy

10-30-2014 9-39-25 PMA man walks past a mural painted on the ‘5 Pointz’ building on August 9, 2013 in the Long Island City neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.

10-30-2014 9-40-52 PMStreet artist Nick Walker hit New York recently and put some walls up in Brooklyn, LES and Chinatown. The piece above is located on the corner of Eldridge and Hester in Manhattan.


George and Amal Clooney New Dream Home in the British Countryside


After a spectacular four-day wedding celebration, they were hardly going to settle into married life in anything less than the lap of luxury.

Fresh from their honeymoon, George Clooney and his British wife Amal Alamuddin have reportedly splashed out £10 million on a stunning Grade II-listed manor house in Berkshire.

The newlyweds are now the proud lord and lady of The Mill House, a sprawling 17th-century Georgian mansion on the River Thames in the British countryside. The elegant nine bedroom, eight bathroom limestone domicile has amenities fit for a king and a queen and affords the pair unrivalled privacy and luxury.

The house was bought at the end of last month through a privately held company. Clooney and Miss Alamuddin married in Venice last month, but they are said to have honeymooned in the local area.

10-18-2014 6-14-03 PM

10-18-2014 12-08-15 AM10-18-2014 12-15-21 AM10-18-2014 12-14-55 AM10-18-2014 12-16-42 AM10-18-2014 12-16-23 AM10-18-2014 12-17-30 AM

10-18-2014 12-17-07 AM10-18-2014 12-18-15 AM10-18-2014 12-18-34 AM10-18-2014 12-17-52 AM

10-18-2014 6-23-45 PM

10-18-2014 12-16-03 AM10-18-2014 12-19-05 AM10-18-2014 12-19-25 AM10-18-2014 5-49-02 PM10-18-2014 6-50-58 PM


Bergdorf Goodman is Hosting Exclusive Chanel Installation


Chanel is reaching out to younger consumers via a temporary display on retailer Bergdorf Goodman’s 5F contemporary department.

Based on Chanel’s fall/winter 2014 advertising campaign “Coco Coach,” the pop-up resembles a sports club and carries ready-to-wear, handbags, sunglasses, costume jewelry and the new sneaker collection.

10-17-2014 2-45-02 PM10-17-2014 2-53-28 PMBergdorf Goodman’s windows reflect elements of the in-store display, showing mannequins with ponytails standing in front of brick walls, shelves or a fence bearing Chanel accessories.

10-17-2014 2-43-29 PMThe in-store installation, features chain link fencing and fluorescent lighting. In addition to traditional shelves and hanging racks, gym lockers and benches display merchandise.

10-17-2014 2-51-59 PM10-17-2014 2-52-49 PM10-17-2014 2-52-22 PMWhile Chanel has a presence in the department store’s second floor couture salon, and an accessories space on the main level, this is the first time the label has cozied up to Bergdorf’s contemporary brands on 5F.




Snowdon – A Life in View


From shadow portraits in profile of his royal nephew and niece, Charles and Anne, in 1956, through famous fashion designers, to a profile of David Bowie in 1978, Snowdon’s images at the National Portrait Gallery in London celebrate a book of his work, SnowdonA life in View, edited by Frances von Hofmannsthal and published by Rizzoli.

Lord Snowdon was married to Princess Margaret, younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, and during the height of his career was the artistic advisor of the Sunday Times Magazine in England, with his work published in the likes of Vogue and Vanity Fair on a regular basis.
The 84-year-old is currently the topic of a new exhibition with two rooms full of his work exhibited until June next year.

10-10-2014 10-11-43 AM10-17-2014 2-30-02 PM David Bowie

10-17-2014 2-33-49 PM Prince Charles and Princess Anne, 1956

10-10-2014 10-13-27 AMJohn Galliano, 2004

10-10-2014 10-12-23 AMAlber Elbaz 2003

10-10-2014 10-13-04 AMGianni Versace, 1990

10-10-2014 10-14-10 AMThe designer Yves Saint Laurent during a fitting

10-10-2014 10-12-05 AM Azzedine Alaïa, 1990

10-10-2014 10-10-40 AM

Snowdon driving a car with his wife, Princess Margaret by Marina Cicogna


Alexander McQueen – Savage Beauty Goes to London

The Met’s sold-out Alexander McQueen retrospective exhibition Savage Beauty is going to London. After countless spurious rumours that it would, and even a campaign to ensure it did, the V&A announced that it will host the exhibition from March 14 to July 19 2015.

The collection, which covers the spectrum of McQueen’s career from his 1992 MA graduate show to his unfinished autumn/ winter 2010 collection, was originally displayed in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art from May 4 to August 7 2011. Its run time was extended by a week due to popular demand and it became the eighth most popular in the Met’s 141-year history – behind Treasures of Tutankhamun (1978), Mona Lisa (1963), and Picasso (2010) – boasting a total of 661,509 visitors.

10-10-2014 10-17-41 AM10-9-2014 4-55-38 PM

10-10-2014 10-18-51 AM10-10-2014 10-20-56 AM10-10-2014 10-21-44 AM10-10-2014 10-31-12 AM10-10-2014 10-30-03 AM10-10-2014 10-29-32 AM10-10-2014 10-31-41 AM10-10-2014 10-18-14 AMThe late legendary designer Alexander McQueen and his muse Kate Moss


John Galliano Returns to Fashion


Some things in fashion – and in life – are indisputable, and John Galliano’s talent is one of those things. The news of his appointment at the creative helm of Maison Martin Margiela has engendered excitement and speculation within a fashion industry keen to see clothes again weaved from his unparalleled imagination.

As returns go, Galliano’s gentle re-emergence from the fashion hinterland has been about as gradual as one can imagine. Exiled by many – but by no means all – following his dismissal from Dior and subsequent trial for anti-Semitism more than three years ago, Galliano has engaged in a strategic re-entry: with only select interviews and limited public appearances leading up to his creative rebirth. Before entertaining any reintroduction to the industry, he began a lengthy period of contemplation and recovery from the addiction issues that precipitated and accompanied his Dior collapse. Living in LA, away from the pace of Paris; building personal relationships; making amends; teaching and mentoring fashion students – and now with a lifestyle to rival a vegan chef – Galliano is healthy mentally and physically, cleansing mind and body as he approaches his new beginning.

Will wish him both happiness and success, following this next chapter with great interest.

10-7-2014 10-33-18 AM



10-7-2014 10-33-35 AM10-7-2014 10-35-07 AM10-7-2014 10-38-29 AM10-7-2014 10-36-51 AM10-7-2014 10-36-26 AM10-7-2014 10-36-11 AM10-7-2014 10-35-54 AM10-7-2014 10-34-00 AM10-7-2014 10-40-32 AM10-7-2014 10-39-43 AM10-7-2014 10-38-54 AM10-7-2014 10-40-10 AM10-7-2014 10-37-15 AM10-8-2014 10-22-08 AM


Trend Watch – Jewelry Spring/Summer 2015


From Chanel’s slogan bracelets and Valentino’s ring stack; to playful pearls at Lanvin and Mix ‘N’ Match piercings at Dior, we edit the jewelry trends that you can expect to see on the street for Spring/Summer 2015, from New York, Milan and Paris.

10-3-2014 6-13-16 PMThe slogan bracelet at Chanel

10-3-2014 6-13-41 PMThe retro hoops at Louis Vuitton

10-3-2014 6-14-01 PM The ring stack at Valentino

10-3-2014 6-14-17 PM Mix ‘N’ Match piercings at Dior

10-3-2014 6-14-39 PM The black lacquer cuff at Céline

10-3-2014 6-15-03 PM The illusion earrings at Prada

10-3-2014 6-15-28 PM The bridle bracelet at Hermès

10-3-2014 6-15-54 PM The choker at Balmain

10-3-2014 6-16-19 PM The playful pearls at Lanvin

10-3-2014 6-17-03 PM The XXL chains at Stella McCartney

10-3-2014 6-18-25 PM The Safety-pin earrings at Giorgio Armani

10-3-2014 6-19-19 PM The silver disk at Giambattista Valli

10-3-2014 6-19-39 PM The baroque choker at Givenchy

10-3-2014 6-21-25 PM The crystal jewels at Ralph Lauren Collection


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