Gucci Backstage at Milano Fashion Week Spring 2015


Seventies style saw a smart update in Milan, as Gucci reworked denim flares, colored fur and embroidered sequin kimonos for a fresh urban collection for Spring/Summer 2015.

Gucci creative director, Frida Giannini, presented a most desirable collection.The Gucci woman, as the show notes put it, ‘takes pleasure in irreverently mixing her favourite pieces’. The line up included dark denim, richly coloured soft suedes and silks, fur trimmed jackets and laser cut leather dresses laced at the neckline or sides.

What an inspiring start to Milan.

9-18-2014 11-57-30 AM9-18-2014 11-56-49 AM9-18-2014 12-03-54 PM9-18-2014 12-00-09 PM9-18-2014 12-02-51 PM9-18-2014 12-00-40 PM9-18-2014 12-01-46 PM9-18-2014 12-04-28 PM 9-17-2014 2-42-34 PM  Anna Wintour, Kate Moss and Charlotte Casiraghi front row at the Gucci show.


Osklen at New York Fashion Week Spring 2015


For the Spring/Summer 2015 Osklen collection, designer Oskar Mestavaht immersed himself in an entire museum. He spent four days at Inhotim, the outdoor contemporary art museum in Brumadinho, Brazil, that marries nature, art, architecture, and beauty. This inspiration resulted in a beautiful texturized collection complete with colors derived from vegetable-based dyes and intricately woven textiles. Some of his inspiration came through quite literally: Rigid plastic skirts suggested the museum’s modern architecture, while fluid dresses in eye-catching florals referenced the lush foliage. Styled with half-moon flower necklaces and comfy sneakers, the vibe was cute and youthful with a little bohemian flavor.

9-11-2014 9-15-15 PM9-11-2014 9-16-51 PM9-11-2014 9-17-40 PM9-11-2014 9-18-54 PM9-11-2014 9-21-31 PM9-11-2014 9-23-03 PM

9-11-2014 9-22-01 PM9-11-2014 9-24-27 PM9-11-2014 9-25-14 PMOSKLEN 11OSKLEN 10  Designer Oskar Mestavaht

OSKLEN 7  Oskar Mestavaht at backstage

OSKLEN 15 Pilar Rossi and Hellô Campos

OSKLEN 5 Carlos Souza


Fashion Art – Erick Madigan Heck for Numero Paris


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Fantastic new photo essay by Erik Madigan Heck feat. muse Alana Zimmer for Numero Paris September 2014.

Model: Alana Zimmer

Fashion Editor/Stylist: Samuel Francois

Erik Madigan Heck (born September 9, 1983) is an American artist and photographer. Heck is the founding editor of art and fashion publication Nomenus Quarterly. In 2013, Heck was awarded the Infinity Award for Applied/Fashion/Advertising by the International Center of Photography. He is also the youngest person to photograph Neiman Marcus’ prestigious “Art of Fashion” campaign, which he shot in 2012. In its April 2011 issue, Photo District News magazine named Heck one of the 30 “new and emerging photographers to watch. Heck was also awarded with the renowned “30 Under 30″ award by Forbes Magazine.

8-30-2014 8-52-07 PM8-30-2014 8-52-28 PM8-30-2014 8-52-57 PM8-30-2014 8-53-20 PM8-30-2014 8-53-42 PM8-30-2014 8-54-08 PM


Oscar de la Renta “Five Decades of Style” in Dallas


Oscar de la Renta: Five Decades of Style” has opened at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas. It includes 67 mannequins outfitted in clothes from 1967 to the present. The exhibit runs through Oct. 5. Why the Bush museum? Because De la Renta often dressed First Lady Laura Bush in her White House days.

The exhibition offers visitors an opportunity to examine, through Oscar de la Renta’s designs, the unique role of the First Lady as our country’s official hostess to world leaders and diplomats and as a trendsetter in style, fashion, and entertaining. Daywear and evening dresses worn by Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Reagan are on display, as well as garments worn by members of First Families, including Jenna Bush’s wedding dress.

8-12-2014 12-50-02 AM8-12-2014 12-51-13 AM8-12-2014 12-50-24 AM8-12-2014 12-53-36 AM8-12-2014 12-50-46 AM8-12-2014 12-52-15 AM  8-12-2014 12-01-31 PM

8-12-2014 12-01-06 PM

8-12-2014 11-59-25 AM8-12-2014 12-54-01 AM8-12-2014 12-53-12 AM8-12-2014 12-58-12 AMAs former first lady Laura Bush gazed at the elegant knee-length Oscar de la Renta dress and coat she wore to the swearing-in ceremony at her husband’s 2005 inauguration, she recalled that white turned out to be the perfect color choice.

8-12-2014 12-58-45 AM


The Writing Room Moves Into Legendary Elaine’s, NYC



The Writing Room opened on the Upper East Side with impressive shoes to fill. The recently launched eatery occupies the same space as the legendary Elaine’s – a former watering hole for literary and film glitterati for nearly five decades. While Elaine’s was lauded in novels, songs and movies, one has to wonder how the new establishment will fare.

But, it is making lots of people in its neighborhood happy and is the second NYC establishment for owners Michael and Susy Glick who also own the Parlor Steakhouse. A ray of hope is that the Glicks and their partner investor were long-time Elaine’s regulars until it shuttered in 2011 a few months after its namesake’s death.

The space has been entirely recrafted with a 20 foot long zinc bar. The walls that once held books are now covered in photos of past literary patrons and what used to be an alley for smoking out back is now a spectacular library and dining room.

I like The Writing Room’s honest, well-wrought American bistro menu and welcoming-to-all vibe. The Writing Room is truly the best of both worlds where you can soak up the rich history of the establishment’s former life but enjoy more palatable savories without fear of being sent to Siberia if someone more glittery wants your seat…

8-4-2014 11-05-01 AM8-4-2014 11-05-25 AM8-4-2014 11-05-50 AM8-4-2014 11-06-49 AM8-4-2014 11-13-45 AM

8-4-2014 11-04-30 AMOwners Michael and Susy Glick

8-4-2014 11-07-47 AM The fried chicken is just one of the standout dishes at The Writing Room.

8-4-2014 11-01-59 AM

 The Writing Room’s fresh makeover has vanished nearly all traces of Elaine’s ghosts.

The Writing Room at 1703 2nd Avenue, Upper East Side NYC.


The Coolest Waterfront Bars this Summer in NYC


Escape the city scene this summer by heading to a riverside refuge to get your cocktails served up with a splash of sea breeze.

7-16-2014 11-50-52 AM  MAKO

If you’re looking for sunsets in a paradise setting, make your way over to Mako on Pier 79. After walking through the palm-lined entrance, you will find yourself transported into the middle of an opulent waterfront party scene that has a French Riviera vibe. This exclusive riverside lounge features luxurious décor complete with daybeds and glowing blocks of neon light tucked between tropical trees.

Exclusive seasonal restaurant and Bar Lounge in the heart of Manhattan. Mako provides the highest quality of comfort, dining, music and entertainment.

459 Twelfth Avenue ( 39th Street & 12th Avenue – Pier 79)

7-16-2014 11-51-37 AM7-16-2014 11-51-56 AM WATERMARKS BAR

Make your way past the sunbathers and rows of historic ships docked alongside Pier 15, and you will find Watermarks Bar. This shorefront sanctuary offers indoor seating with floor-to-ceiling windows as well as outdoor patio seating and a sun-soaked deck with breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. The bar features a variety of sea inspired bites such as lobster rolls and salmon burgers that you can nibble on as you sip local craft beers and take in the scenic skyline.

Pier 15/78 South Street

7-16-2014 11-52-22 AM7-16-2014 11-52-50 AM LA MARINA

If you are searching for a slice of South Beach along the Hudson, make your way up to La Marina at the end of Dyckman Street in Inwood. This waterfront hotspot covers over 75,000 square feet of shoreline along the river and features candlelit tables lined with hookahs, a sandy beach bar and a covered dining area.

348 Dyckman St, Washington Heights

7-16-2014 11-53-16 AM


Only in a maritime-based metropolis like Manhattan would someone have the creativity and ingenuity to take a sunken 1929 lightship and turn it into a dive bar. Perhaps that’s why The Frying Pan has become one of the city’s biggest summertime hot spots, in every sense of the term. Rustic, gritty and ever so slightly steampunk (its exposed engine room is a sight to see). Seating is first come, first served and it crowds up fast; so, if you’re with a large group, get there early. And, fair-weather warning to all booze-loving landlubbers, the tables on this temporary tidewater sometimes wobble with the waves, so if you’re the sort who’s easily seasick, you’re better off staying on terra firma.

Hudson River Park at W. 26th St. (by Pier 66) New York, NY

7-16-2014 11-54-08 AM THE CROW’S NEST

The Water Club is celebrating its 30th Anniversary and €”just reopened its rooftop bar for the season. It’s called The Crow’s Nest, and it’s a pretty ideal location, perched right above the East river with sweeping views of Brooklyn and Queens. Chef Aaron Bashy is doing sort of an upscale seafood shack bar menu, with options like Yellowfin Tuna Sliders with toasted sesame seeds, avocado tartar sauce; lobster rolls; and tasty fresh pretzels topped with black truffle and served with spicy and honey mustards. The cocktail menu features both “classic libations” such as Pina Coladas, Margaritas, and Red & White Sangria, along with twists on seasonal drinks: Pomegranate Lime Rickeys, Bourbon Iced Teas, and Vodka Spiked Lemonades.

The East River at 30th Street

7-16-2014 11-55-20 AM7-16-2014 11-56-04 AM


Martha Stewart Hosts a Dinner for Dom Pérignon


Martha Stewart hosted an event at her Lily Pond Lane home. The party was to launch a special vintage of Dom Pérignon.

Dom Perignon leads in decadent classics, and this summer the brand has re-released its 1998 vintage under a new name, P2. The new name is representative of the wine’s second plenitude. The P2-1998 marks the end of the Oenotheque range.

Overcast skies didn’t stop guests from stomping the yard in their stilettos, glasses in hand. The main attraction was the tented dome, somewhat symbolic of a spaceship. It definitely had all the guests’ interest peaked.

Inside the dome, guests experienced an eclectic light show designed by artist Leo Kuelbs. The light show served as an introduction to dinner which was caviar and fragrant tajine, prepared by Stewart’s private chef Pierre Schaedelin.


7-24-2014 12-01-09 PM Martha Stewart and Sarah Jessica Parker

7-24-2014 12-05-22 PM

 Reed Krakoff and Kelly Rutherford

7-24-2014 12-01-53 PM Barbara Walters and Matt Lauer

7-24-2014 12-02-22 PM

 Georgina Chapman

7-24-2014 12-06-30 PM

Katie Lee and Harvey Weinstein

7-24-2014 12-01-33 PM Scarlett Johansson

7-24-2014 12-02-59 PM The scene outside

7-24-2014 12-04-09 PM7-24-2014 12-03-27 PM

7-24-2014 12-13-29 PM John Molner and Katie Couric

7-24-2014 12-10-56 PM

7-24-2014 12-14-32 PM7-24-2014 12-04-33 PM Nathan Lane

7-24-2014 12-07-26 PM

Suzanne and Woody Johnson

7-24-2014 12-06-55 PM

The scene during dinner

7-24-2014 12-05-58 PM Inside the 3D mapping room

7-24-2014 12-15-07 PM


Dolce & Gabbana Set an Enchanting Scene for Alta Moda in Capri


Dolce & Gabbana topped Paris Haute Couture with an Alta Moda show set in sun-drenched Capri, where models arrived in fishing boats and dresses were bigger and dreamier than ever before.

Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce sent huge nautical inspired dresses down the cliff-side runway, followed by embellished fruits prints and one stunning princess dress.

Naturally, there were crowns again, along with polka dots bandanas and chunky jewels.

The Milanese version of Haute Couture, Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda shows have long been the collection to clamour over.


7-14-2014 10-03-04 AM7-14-2014 10-03-54 AM7-14-2014 10-05-03 AM7-14-2014 10-03-25 AM7-15-2014 2-33-33 AM

7-14-2014 10-02-46 AM7-14-2014 10-05-49 AM7-14-2014 10-06-14 AM7-14-2014 10-07-03 AM7-14-2014 10-07-35 AM7-15-2014 2-28-59 AM7-15-2014 2-29-45 AM7-15-2014 2-30-05 AM

7-15-2014 2-28-36 AM7-15-2014 2-30-30 AM7-15-2014 2-30-54 AM7-15-2014 2-31-13 AM7-15-2014 2-32-41 AM7-15-2014 2-33-07 AM7-15-2014 2-31-35 AM


Jeff Koons “A Retrospective” at Whitney Museum in New York City


The Whitney Museum in New York City debuted the “most comprehensive retrospective ever” of contemporary artist Jeff Koons.

“Jeff Koons: A Retrospective” that opened June 27th is the largest exhibit ever put on by the American art museum and the final show in the Whitney Museum’s Madison Avenue building, before it moves to the Meatpacking District.

Koons has spent the past four decades producing a divisive body of work: some consider it genius, others think it’s a joke. The only given is that his pieces sell for extraordinary prices: last November “Balloon Dog (Orange)”, a 12-foot metallic sculpture, became the most expensive work by a living artist ever sold at auction when it fetched $58.4m at Christie’s.

The artist’s best-known pieces—the kitschy porcelain sculpture of Michael Jackson and his pet monkey, a giant metallic yellow edition of his “Balloon Dog” series, and several versions of his “Equilibrium” works featuring basketballs suspended in solution—are sprinkled throughout the exhibition.

Whatever your view of Mr Koons’s work, the Whitney is certainly saying goodbye to its old home “with a flourish”. The show both entertains and provokes, by allowing viewers to see the breadth of Mr Koons’s work. Some may sneer, but all will find something to marvel at.

7-4-2014 12-08-31 PM

Jeff Koons: “A Retrospective”

7-4-2014 11-50-11 AM

 “Balloon Venus” (Orange), 2008–12.

7-4-2014 11-40-33 AM7-4-2014 12-16-54 PM Sculptures on display include “Woman in Tub” and “Michael Jackson and Bubbles.”

7-4-2014 11-42-48 AM“Antiquity 3″, 2011

7-4-2014 11-48-13 AM“Made in Heaven”, 1989

7-4-2014 11-49-49 AM“Dutch Couple”, 2007

7-4-2014 11-47-50 AM  “Michael Jackson and Bubbles”, 1988.

7-4-2014 11-49-29 AM“Seal Walrus (Trashcans)”, 2003

7-4-2014 11-30-02 AM “Inflatable Flowers (Short Pink, Tall Purple)”, 1979

7-4-2014 12-11-19 PM“Elvis, 2003″. Oil on canvas

7-4-2014 11-26-24 AM “Tulips”, 1995–98. Oil on canvas.

7-4-2014 11-41-56 AM “Woman in Tub”

7-4-2014 12-10-05 PM” Hulk (Organ)”, 2004–14.

7-5-2014 2-58-47 PM

“One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank” (Spalding Dr. J 241 Series), 1985,

  7-4-2014 11-49-03 AM “Junkyard”, 2002

7-4-2014 12-19-04 PMIn addition to the Whitney exhibit, Koons’ “Split-Rocker” topiary recently debuted at Rockefeller Center. The 37-foot-high topiary, featuring 50,000 plants, is a half-dinosaur, half-pony that’s been displayed everywhere from Versailles to Maryland.

“Jeff Koons: A Retrospective” is on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art, in New York, until October 19th 2014.

The exhibition will travel to the Pompidou Centre in Paris in November and to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain, in summer 2015.



Kara Walker’s “A Subtlety” – A Must See!


A must see! The first large-scale public project by Kara Walker, one of the most important artists of our era. Sited in the sprawling industrial relics of Brooklyn’s legendary Domino Sugar Factory, Walker’s physically and conceptually expansive installation responds to the building and its history. The exhibition is open through July 6.

6-29-2014 5-33-10 PM Artist Kara Walker’s installation “A Subtlety” is sugar-coated — with an estimated 40 tons of sugar — at the Domino Sugar factory in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

6-29-2014 5-36-01 PM6-28-2014 4-48-49 PM6-29-2014 5-27-51 PM6-29-2014 5-28-30 PM6-29-2014 5-35-37 PM6-29-2014 5-27-13 PM6-28-2014 4-52-41 PM

Kara Walker poses in front of her installation “A Subtlety.”

 At the behest of Creative Time Kara E. Walker has confected:
A Subtlety
or the Marvelous Sugar Baby
An Homage to the unpaid and overworked Artisans who have refined
our Sweet tastes from the cane fields to the Kitchens of the New World
on the Occasion of the demolition of the Domino Sugar Refining Plant.



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