Martha Stewart Hosts a Dinner for Dom Pérignon


Martha Stewart hosted an event at her Lily Pond Lane home. The party was to launch a special vintage of Dom Pérignon.

Dom Perignon leads in decadent classics, and this summer the brand has re-released its 1998 vintage under a new name, P2. The new name is representative of the wine’s second plenitude. The P2-1998 marks the end of the Oenotheque range.

Overcast skies didn’t stop guests from stomping the yard in their stilettos, glasses in hand. The main attraction was the tented dome, somewhat symbolic of a spaceship. It definitely had all the guests’ interest peaked.

Inside the dome, guests experienced an eclectic light show designed by artist Leo Kuelbs. The light show served as an introduction to dinner which was caviar and fragrant tajine, prepared by Stewart’s private chef Pierre Schaedelin.


7-24-2014 12-01-09 PM Martha Stewart and Sarah Jessica Parker

7-24-2014 12-05-22 PM

 Reed Krakoff and Kelly Rutherford

7-24-2014 12-01-53 PM Barbara Walters and Matt Lauer

7-24-2014 12-02-22 PM

 Georgina Chapman

7-24-2014 12-06-30 PM

Katie Lee and Harvey Weinstein

7-24-2014 12-01-33 PM Scarlett Johansson

7-24-2014 12-02-59 PM The scene outside

7-24-2014 12-04-09 PM7-24-2014 12-03-27 PM

7-24-2014 12-13-29 PM John Molner and Katie Couric

7-24-2014 12-10-56 PM

7-24-2014 12-14-32 PM7-24-2014 12-04-33 PM Nathan Lane

7-24-2014 12-07-26 PM

Suzanne and Woody Johnson

7-24-2014 12-06-55 PM

The scene during dinner

7-24-2014 12-05-58 PM Inside the 3D mapping room

7-24-2014 12-15-07 PM


Dolce & Gabbana Set an Enchanting Scene for Alta Moda in Capri


Dolce & Gabbana topped Paris Haute Couture with an Alta Moda show set in sun-drenched Capri, where models arrived in fishing boats and dresses were bigger and dreamier than ever before.

Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce sent huge nautical inspired dresses down the cliff-side runway, followed by embellished fruits prints and one stunning princess dress.

Naturally, there were crowns again, along with polka dots bandanas and chunky jewels.

The Milanese version of Haute Couture, Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda shows have long been the collection to clamour over.


7-14-2014 10-03-04 AM7-14-2014 10-03-54 AM7-14-2014 10-05-03 AM7-14-2014 10-03-25 AM7-15-2014 2-33-33 AM

7-14-2014 10-02-46 AM7-14-2014 10-05-49 AM7-14-2014 10-06-14 AM7-14-2014 10-07-03 AM7-14-2014 10-07-35 AM7-15-2014 2-28-59 AM7-15-2014 2-29-45 AM7-15-2014 2-30-05 AM

7-15-2014 2-28-36 AM7-15-2014 2-30-30 AM7-15-2014 2-30-54 AM7-15-2014 2-31-13 AM7-15-2014 2-32-41 AM7-15-2014 2-33-07 AM7-15-2014 2-31-35 AM


Jeff Koons “A Retrospective” at Whitney Museum in New York City


The Whitney Museum in New York City debuted the “most comprehensive retrospective ever” of contemporary artist Jeff Koons.

“Jeff Koons: A Retrospective” that opened June 27th is the largest exhibit ever put on by the American art museum and the final show in the Whitney Museum’s Madison Avenue building, before it moves to the Meatpacking District.

Koons has spent the past four decades producing a divisive body of work: some consider it genius, others think it’s a joke. The only given is that his pieces sell for extraordinary prices: last November “Balloon Dog (Orange)”, a 12-foot metallic sculpture, became the most expensive work by a living artist ever sold at auction when it fetched $58.4m at Christie’s.

The artist’s best-known pieces—the kitschy porcelain sculpture of Michael Jackson and his pet monkey, a giant metallic yellow edition of his “Balloon Dog” series, and several versions of his “Equilibrium” works featuring basketballs suspended in solution—are sprinkled throughout the exhibition.

Whatever your view of Mr Koons’s work, the Whitney is certainly saying goodbye to its old home “with a flourish”. The show both entertains and provokes, by allowing viewers to see the breadth of Mr Koons’s work. Some may sneer, but all will find something to marvel at.

7-4-2014 12-08-31 PM

Jeff Koons: “A Retrospective”

7-4-2014 11-50-11 AM

 “Balloon Venus” (Orange), 2008–12.

7-4-2014 11-40-33 AM7-4-2014 12-16-54 PM Sculptures on display include “Woman in Tub” and “Michael Jackson and Bubbles.”

7-4-2014 11-42-48 AM“Antiquity 3″, 2011

7-4-2014 11-48-13 AM“Made in Heaven”, 1989

7-4-2014 11-49-49 AM“Dutch Couple”, 2007

7-4-2014 11-47-50 AM  “Michael Jackson and Bubbles”, 1988.

7-4-2014 11-49-29 AM“Seal Walrus (Trashcans)”, 2003

7-4-2014 11-30-02 AM “Inflatable Flowers (Short Pink, Tall Purple)”, 1979

7-4-2014 12-11-19 PM“Elvis, 2003″. Oil on canvas

7-4-2014 11-26-24 AM “Tulips”, 1995–98. Oil on canvas.

7-4-2014 11-41-56 AM “Woman in Tub”

7-4-2014 12-10-05 PM” Hulk (Organ)”, 2004–14.

7-5-2014 2-58-47 PM

“One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank” (Spalding Dr. J 241 Series), 1985,

  7-4-2014 11-49-03 AM “Junkyard”, 2002

7-4-2014 12-19-04 PMIn addition to the Whitney exhibit, Koons’ “Split-Rocker” topiary recently debuted at Rockefeller Center. The 37-foot-high topiary, featuring 50,000 plants, is a half-dinosaur, half-pony that’s been displayed everywhere from Versailles to Maryland.

“Jeff Koons: A Retrospective” is on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art, in New York, until October 19th 2014.

The exhibition will travel to the Pompidou Centre in Paris in November and to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain, in summer 2015.



Kara Walker’s “A Subtlety” – A Must See!


A must see! The first large-scale public project by Kara Walker, one of the most important artists of our era. Sited in the sprawling industrial relics of Brooklyn’s legendary Domino Sugar Factory, Walker’s physically and conceptually expansive installation responds to the building and its history. The exhibition is open through July 6.

6-29-2014 5-33-10 PM Artist Kara Walker’s installation “A Subtlety” is sugar-coated — with an estimated 40 tons of sugar — at the Domino Sugar factory in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

6-29-2014 5-36-01 PM6-28-2014 4-48-49 PM6-29-2014 5-27-51 PM6-29-2014 5-28-30 PM6-29-2014 5-35-37 PM6-29-2014 5-27-13 PM6-28-2014 4-52-41 PM

Kara Walker poses in front of her installation “A Subtlety.”

 At the behest of Creative Time Kara E. Walker has confected:
A Subtlety
or the Marvelous Sugar Baby
An Homage to the unpaid and overworked Artisans who have refined
our Sweet tastes from the cane fields to the Kitchens of the New World
on the Occasion of the demolition of the Domino Sugar Refining Plant.



Emilio Pucci celebrates Florence with scarf-wrapped building


During the presentation of the Men’s Spring 2015 collections at Pitti Immagine Uomo, a biannual tradeshow in Florence, Italy, the Centre of Florence for Italian Fashion decided to do something special to celebrate the organization’s 60th anniversary—and the city’s colorful history.The result is a monumental art installation inspired by Emilio Pucci’s iconic 1957 Battistero print at Baptistery of Piazza San Giovanni, a small basilica that is also one of the oldest buildings in Florence.  A number of other fashion labels, including Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and Roberto Cavalli, will also be participating in the festival to help celebrate their Florentine heritage.

6-19-2014 5-42-40 PM6-19-2014 5-43-16 PM A giant-size portrayal of the original framed scarf displayed on one side of the Baptistery of San Giovanni.

6-19-2014 5-44-20 PM Palazzo Pucci opened its doors for the ‘Design the Dream’ experience

6-19-2014 5-45-58 PM Archival pieces on display at Palazzo Pucci

6-19-2014 5-47-02 PM6-19-2014 5-47-26 PM A detail of the scarf designed by Emilio Pucci in 1957 which features a view from above the Piazza San Giovanni interpreted in vibrant lemon yellow, orange, fuchsia and a touch of Emilio pink.

6-19-2014 5-45-13 PM

Pucci designer Peter Dundas with Suzy Menkes


Check the video:


Gucci opens ” Forever Now” exhibition in Sao Paulo


Gucci has recently inaugurated the House’s first temporary museum in São Paulo’s JK Iguatemi Mall. The three-week Gucci Museo “Forever Now” exhibit replicates the Gucci Museum in Florence, a living space encapsulating its“Forever Now” philosophy that pays tribute to Gucci’s heritage while looking to the future. A gift shop will complement the exhibition spaces to create a destination location for visitors.

The “Forever Now” exhibition will boast an array of rare archival pieces on loan from the Gucci Museo within different thematic spaces inspired by the House’s signature motifs and symbols. The travel theme will feature prominently with an exhibit of trunks, suitcases, accessories and articles created for the international jet-set, whose custom helped to bring international acclaim to Gucci in the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies.

In celebration of this inaugural exhibition and Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini’s first trip to Brazil, CEO of Iguatemi Carlos Jereissati Filho, hosted a dinner with a performance by the legendary Brazilian singer Gal Costa at the brand new Casa Jereissati. The intimate evening was attended by just over 100 people, including François-Henri Pinault and Humberto Campana. The following evening Giannini and President and CEO of Gucci Patrizio di Marco, again commemorated the first temporary exhibition with a private cocktail. Guests included Camilla Belle, Kelly Piquet, and Jeff Leatham among others.

6-12-2014 12-39-47 PM6-12-2014 12-40-36 PM6-12-2014 12-41-02 PM6-12-2014 12-41-40 PM

6-13-2014 10-45-08 AM6-12-2014 12-42-03 PM6-12-2014 12-42-19 PM6-13-2014 10-43-48 AM6-13-2014 11-11-54 AM The Cocktail Party

6-13-2014 11-24-51 AM

 Toni Garrn and Frida Giannini

6-13-2014 11-27-47 AM Francois-Henri Pinault and Carlos Jereissati Filho

6-13-2014 11-31-17 AM

Jeff  Leatham

6-13-2014 11-26-03 AM Kelly Piquet and Maria Sole

6-13-2014 11-25-33 AM

Nelson and Viviane Piquet

6-13-2014 11-28-31 AM Francois-Henri Pinault, Frida Giannini, Carlos Jerreissati, Camilla Belle

6-13-2014 11-29-01 AM The Party Atmosphere

Photos by Neil Rasmus/BFA



Domaine La Sylviane, Valbonne, Provence…Heaven on Earth!


, ,

If Heaven really is a place on Earth, we’ve found it…

6-5-2014 12-02-21 PM

An historic estate in a superb location set in glorious Provencal countryside only minutes from the picturesque village of Valbonne, famous for its paved town square, boutiques and numerous gourmet restaurants, this private luxury villa Domaine la Sylviane has had a romantic history. Built by monks in the 17th century, it has passed through the hands of Napoleon’s army and the Grimaldi family, keeping its monastic feel over the last 300 years while updating its fittings and fixtures for a modern visitor. Beautiful floodlit gardens and secluded grounds of approximately 25 acres planted with mature trees, flowering shrubs and a vast number of ancient olive trees. Exceptionally large heated swimming pool and pool house with gym room. Tennis court and garaging for six cars, it is the perfect spot for a family vacation with everyone you know.

6-5-2014 11-47-21 AM

6-5-2014 11-47-41 AM

6-5-2014 11-51-11 AM

There are so many rooms to choose from within the estate that it’s hard to crown one as the best, but we have a few suggestions. In the main house there’s the master bedroom suite, reserved for the most important members of your trip, boasting the largest living space and en-suite bathroom. Next to the main villa, there are 2 apartments. The upper one comprises a double bedroom ‘en mezzanine’ with bathroom and a double bed /sitting area downstairs with a full bathroom and separate wc. The lower apartement comprises two separate double bedrooms each with bathrooms, kitchenette and sitting/dining room.

6-5-2014 11-51-41 AM

6-5-2014 11-52-00 AM6-5-2014 11-53-03 AM

6-5-2014 12-03-06 PM6-5-2014 11-50-33 AM6-5-2014 11-48-37 AM6-5-2014 11-49-58 AM6-5-2014 11-53-31 AMTreat the villa like you would a luxury holiday home. While towels and clean sheets are provided, you will need to bring your favourite toiletries, hairdryer and adapter plugs with you.


Carlton Group Antibes
2721 Chemin Saint-Claude
Le Saint-Claude
06600 Antibes
FrancePhone. +33 (0)4 93 95 11 11
Fax. +33 (0)4 93 74 40 75



Ralph Lauren’s Royal Reception



RALPH LAUREN was the man of the hour last night, as his philanthropic partnership with The Royal Marsden was celebrated during an elegant party at Windsor Castle honouring the charity’s work.

The partnership was initially set up by Vogue‘s own Alexandra Shulman, a trustee of The Royal Marsden, who introduced Lauren to the charity knowing his particular interest in supporting breast cancer research. Lauren arrived in London earlier this week to announce the opening of the Ralph Lauren Centre for Breast Cancer Research – a new facility that will be housed within the Chelsea hospital.

Alongside the hospitals trustees and donors, philanthropists including including Ian Wace, Emmanuel Roman, Carole and Anthony Bamford, and fashion and arts patrons Tania and Fares Fares were joined by representatives from the worlds of fashion, art and film. Cate Blanchett, Emma Watson, Margot Robbie, artist Sir Anish Kapoor and Benedict Cumberbatch attended. The Lauren family was out in force to mark the occasion – Ralph arrived alongside his wife Ricky, with whom he celebrates 50 years of marriage this year, their sons David and Andrew, their daughter Dylan and their daughter-in-law, Lauren Bush Lauren.

5-14-2014 10-06-06 AM Ralph arrived with his wife Ricky Lauren, who was dressed in a Ralph Lauren Collection jacket and silk chiffon evening gown.

5-14-2014 10-06-38 AM Cate Blanchett wore a Ralph Lauren Collection gown with jewellery and heels also by Ralph Lauren Collection

5-14-2014 10-14-39 AM Jamie Hince and Kate Moss.

5-14-2014 10-15-31 AM Nicky Haslam and Suzy Menkes.

5-14-2014 10-08-20 AM The Lauren family, from left to right: Paul Arrouet and wife Dylan Lauren, Ralph, Ricky, Andrew, Lauren Bush Lauren and David Lauren.

5-14-2014 10-11-46 AM The Duke of Cambridge with Ralph Lauren.

5-14-2014 10-12-05 AM The Duke of Cambridge met with guests including Emma Watson and Kate Moss.5-14-2014 10-21-51 AMThe scene inside Windsor Castle’s St George’s Hall, where a three-course dinner with served.

“The evening at Windsor Castle was a night to remember not only for its incredible beauty and elegance, but for its relevance as we embark on an important collaboration with The Royal Marsden inspired by the leadership of HRH the Duke of Cambridge”, Ralph Lauren told Vogue  today. 

Photos By PA Photos


Frieze Art Fair New York 2014


Frieze becomes a real New Yorker in its third year – bold, confident and stuffed with high-end stoner food. You can even stay the night in a fully functioning art hotel (meals included)

Mobiles made from golden Coca-Cola signs, mirrors with eyes, and Al’s Grand Hotel … bold installations by international artists are creating a buzz at Frieze New York on Randall’s Island. Here’s what to expect:

5-11-2014 12-52-55 AM

Marian Goodman, the doyenne of New York art dealers, has done away with her booth entirely: her wall-free space features a single, fantastic work by the Berlin-based Vietnamese artist Danho Vo, suspended from the ceiling. Vo’s mobile, called Massive Black Hole in the Dark Heart of Our Milky Way, consists of two dozen pieces of cardboard decorated with gold-leaf American flags, Coca-Cola logos and passages from Cinderella in heavy German script. From a distance it seems confident and celebratory. Up close, those American flags are nearing collapse.

5-11-2014 12-39-53 AM

Hans-Peter Feldmann’s “Golden Shoes”

5-11-2014 12-49-27 AM5-11-2014 12-57-59 AMAl’s Grand Hotel (1971) by Allen Ruppersberg. Frieze visitors can stay the night there.

5-11-2014 12-58-36 AM5-11-2014 12-59-09 AM The entrance to the recreated Al’s Grand Hotel at Frieze New York 2014.

5-11-2014 12-53-42 AMThere’s also a good showing from Brazil, the flavour of the month in New York thanks to the forthcoming World Cup and MoMA’s massive Lygia Clark retrospective. The gallery A Gentil Carioca has come from Rio with seductive, labour-intensive sculptures by Maria Nepomuceno that feature thousands of coloured beads, while the young São Paulo space Galeria Jaqueline Martins is showing historical photos from Regina Vater, a pioneer of Brazilian art far too little known outside Latin America. One series of self-portraits, in which Vater dresses up as various female archetypes, dates from 1975 – years before Cindy Sherman did the same.

5-11-2014 12-57-14 AMJim Lambie’s Untitled, 2014 mirror piece at the Sadie Coles of London gallery stand.

5-11-2014 12-55-21 AM

A visitor views an art installation at the Esther Schipper gallery stand. 

5-11-2014 12-39-00 AM Rirkrit Tiravanija’s “Freedom can not be simulated” at the Gavin Brown booth.

5-11-2014 12-44-37 AM


Hurry up… today is the last day

Monday, May 12 – 11am–6pm

Last entry one hour before closing. Timed entry for groups.



The Pradashere is Finally Open at Harrods, London



Prada has unveiled the Pradasphere, its eagerly-awaited collaboration with Harrods. The month-long exhibition traces Prada through its history, from its heritage roots as a leather goods business to its current incarnation as a $5 billion design brand.

The exuberant exhibition will catalogue the multifaceted activities of the Italian design powerhouse – from fashion and accessories to architecture, cinema, and beyond.

During the exhibition there will be a Prada Cafe and a capsule collection designed exclusively for Harrods based on the past 100 years of Prada’s iconic collections.


4-30-2014 4-01-26 PM4-30-2014 4-01-44 PM4-30-2014 4-02-02 PM4-30-2014 4-02-18 PM4-30-2014 4-02-39 PM4-30-2014 4-02-58 PM4-30-2014 4-03-19 PM4-30-2014 4-03-38 PM4-30-2014 4-04-03 PM4-30-2014 4-12-21 PM4-30-2014 4-11-27 PM4-30-2014 4-10-34 PM


A screening room will show short films made in collaboration with Wes Anderson, Ridley Scott and Roman Polanski.

 You can watch Wes Anderson’s collab, Candy, starring Lea Seydoux, below:



The Pradasphere is open at Harrods until the end of May.



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