For this summer’s Met Roof Garden Commission, the acclaimed British artist Cornelia Parker, created a large-scale sculpture inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper and by two emblems of American architecture—the classic red barn and the Bates family’s sinister mansion from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho.

Nearly 30 feet high, The Roof Garden Commission: Cornelia Parker, Transitional Object (PsychoBarn) is fabricated from a deconstructed red barn and seems at first to be a genuine house, but is in fact a scaled-down structure consisting of two facades propped up from behind with scaffolding.

6-11-2016 2-13-19 PM

6-11-2016 2-15-28 PM

6-11-2016 2-28-48 PM6-11-2016 2-23-34 PMWhile researching old structures, Parker came across Edward Hopper’s painting House by the Railroad (1925)…

6-11-2016 2-25-29 PMNext she discovered that Alfred Hitchcock had also been inspired by that very painting when putting together the house for his 1960 thriller Psycho…

6-11-2016 2-29-42 PMThe Victorian house feels at once creepy and beautiful, as the sun streams around the faded porch columns. And, as Parker wanted, the scene definitely feels incongruous — a crumbling rural home above a venerable museum, flanked by lush greenery and sleek skyscrapers.

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