Lauren Lawrence – Dream Expert To The Stars


Dreams are to the mind what weightlifting is to the body! Get pumped on your dreams!

Lost something in a dream? Feel an inner conflict? Need to leave an impression?

Analyst Lauren Lawrence reveals the secrets behind your dreams….

Lauren Lawrence is a socialite dreams expert, author and dreams columnist of the NY Daily News; she hosted the show “Celebrity Nightmares Decoded” on BIO channel & has published many books.4-5-2015 3-34-21 PM

Ms. Lawrence has de-mystified the dreams of today’s most private personalities, including Stephen Baldwin, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss,  Diane Von Furstenberg, Carolyn Roehm, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Mario Buatta, Emanuel Ungaro, Luciano Pavarotti and Sophia Loren.

Lauren Lawrence has appeared on numerous TV shows including the Tyra Banks Show, E’s Star Treatment, CNN’s Money Line and Fox and Friends. Is it any wonder? Few can reveal their hidden meaning like Lauren Lawrence.

Bet we’d love to have her at a dinner party. In the meantime, you can send her your dreams directly.


4-22-2015 2-10-30 PM

4-22-2015 1-48-47 PM

4-22-2015 2-14-49 PM

 Small dinner for friends!

4-22-2015 2-05-26 PM

Peace and quiet in the library.

4-22-2015 2-01-33 PM

 Where she dreams.

4-22-2015 1-55-16 PM

With the Beatles in her kitchen. Harry Benson’s wonderful “pillow fight” taken in 1964.

4-22-2015 1-56-07 PM Panthere De Cartier in her Kitchen

4-22-2015 2-02-27 PM

4-5-2015 3-02-27 PM


4-5-2015 2-55-04 PM

  At Doubles with Jane Pontarelli and Nicole Dicocco

4-5-2015 2-45-07 PM

With Lucia Hwong Gordon pointing to a favorite Sandro Chia self portrait on paper.

4-22-2015 1-47-23 PM

 In her living room with Carolyne Roehm and Sirio Maccioni.


 With Jane Pontarelli, Pilar Rossi, Adele Nino and Cassandra Seidenfeld at the book signing at her home for Elisabeth Thieriot.

4-5-2015 3-01-44 PM

 With Geoffrey Bradfield at a party in her home.

4-5-2015 3-11-06 PM

With Ann Nitze and Lynn Wyatt celebrating Casita Maria’s 80th Anniversary Fiesta Gala at the Plaza.

4-22-2015 2-00-34 PM

  With Former First Lady Dewi Sukarno.

4-5-2015 3-00-24 PMWith Cole Rumbough on his break at Le Cirque with Nicole Dicocco & Michelle Gerber Klein.

4-5-2015 2-43-15 PM

With legendary fashion designer Vicky Tiel at lunch at the Regency Hotel.


4-5-2015 3-15-44 PM

 Being photographed for New York Magazine. Photo Credit: Frank Veronsky.

4-22-2015 1-45-05 PM

Getting out of the BMW sports coupe used in one of the Bond movies, with a Kelly bag in tow. Photo credit: Ludovic Autet.

4-22-2015 1-42-45 PM

At The New York Center for Children 20th Anniversary Spring Cocktail. Photos by: Rose Billings/

4-22-2015 1-46-12 PM

Celebrating Easter Sunday with hubby David at Le Cirque.


Check out her coffee-table book “Private Dreams of Public People” published by Assouline in 2002.


For the first time, public figures like Madonna, Michael Douglas, Oliver Stone, Candace Bushnell, Kelsey Grammer, Chris Kattan, Paul McCartney, Juliette Binoche and a host of others confess their intimate dreams. Dream expert Lauren Lawrence dissects these dreams, giving us unprecedented insight into celebrities’ deepest thoughts and what makes them shine. From ancient times of Delphian oracles to present day psychoanalysis, dreams have always captivated, inspired and fascinated us. What secrets do we unlock when we close our eyes? We are in a constant search for meaning in our dreams, hoping to discover the mysteries of our unconscious. Private Dreams of Public People approaches the dream like never before, focusing on celebrity dreamers, and the expression of talen inherent within their nighttime journeys.

LAUREN LAWRENCE 1LAUREN LAWRENCE 2LAUREN LAWRENCE 3Lauren Lawrence books are available on

4-22-2015 1-49-47 PM

 On the cover of the New York Daily News.

Lauren Lawrence dreams column runs every Sunday in the “Your New York” Life & Style section of the NY Daily News.

A dream of a shooting star points to a wish for empowerment.


If you would like to interpret one of your dreams in her Sunday Column in

The NY Daily News email them to:

Follow Lauren Lawrence on Twitter @LaurenLawrence_for daily dream tips!

Please include your name, city and state.


Easter Sunday Parade brings out creative hats to Fifth Avenue


On a bright, sunny Sunday, the annual 2015 New York City Easter Parade did not disappoint.

Irvine Berlin memorialized the event in the 1948 musical with Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Peter Lawford and Ann Miller, but the New York Easter Parade tradition goes back to a much earlier time.

The Easter Parade is a New York tradition that dates back to the middle of the 1800s. The social elite would attend services at one of the 5th Avenue churches and parade their new fashions down the Avenue afterwards.

Here is a look at a few of our favorite Easter hats from the Fifth Avenue parade.


Num Domingo ensolarado o anual New York City Easter Parade 2015 não decepcionou.

Irving Berlin comemorou o evento em 1948 musical com Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Peter Lawford e Ann Miller, mas a tradição New York Easter Parade remonta a uma época muito anterior.

O Desfile de Páscoa é uma tradição de Nova York, que remonta a meados dos anos 1800. A elite social desfila desde entao sua creatividade em chapeus e moda na avenida depois de assistir aos serviços em uma das 5 igrejas da Fifth Avenue.

Vejam os nossos chapéus favoritos do desfile.

4-5-2015 4-08-14 PM

4-5-2015 4-08-51 PM4-5-2015 4-09-24 PM

4-5-2015 4-09-54 PM

4-6-2015 1-35-02 AM4-6-2015 9-22-25 PM4-6-2015 12-38-42 AM4-7-2015 9-53-07 PM


Inside Bruce Willis’ New Luxury Duplex In NYC


Maybe we haven’t seen Bruce Willis in a new movie in a couple of years because he’s been too busy unloading and buying real estate in New York.
The Wall Street Journal reports that the actor is in contract to buy a $16.995 million duplex at 271 Central Park West, which is just a few blocks down the road from the last place he owned, a three-bedroom at the El Dorado that he sold for $13 million in December.
Located on the Upper West Side in a prewar co-op building, the roughly 6,000-square-foot, six-bedroom, 4½-bathroom apartment has large picture windows, gorgeous views of Central Park, formal dining room that can seat 12 people and a library.

Bruce Willis Novo Luxuoso Duplex em New York

Talvez nós não vimos Bruce Willis em um novo filme em um par de anos, porque ele tem estado muito ocupado vendendo e comprando imóveis em Nova York.

O famoso ator está em contrato para comprar um luxuoso duplex por US $ 16.995 milhões de dólares, no 271 Central Park West, que fica a apenas algumas quadras do último apartamento que possuía, um de três quartos no El Dorado e que vendeu por US $ 13 milhões em dezembro.

Localizado no Upper West Side, em um edifício co-op pre-war, com 6.000 metros quadrados, seis quartos, 4 ½-banheiro, o novo apartamento tem grandes janelas panorâmicas com vistas deslumbrantes do Central Park, sala de jantar formal, que pode acomodar 12 pessoas e uma biblioteca.

Vejam que sonho luxuoso em Manhattan!

3-22-2015 3-11-43 PM3-22-2015 3-16-10 PM3-22-2015 3-17-04 PM3-22-2015 3-18-32 PM3-22-2015 3-16-35 PM3-22-2015 3-19-29 PM3-22-2015 3-20-45 PM3-22-2015 3-21-10 PM


Halston & YSL at FIT Museum – The 70’s at Its Best!


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The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York presents a new exhibition dedicated to outstanding designers Yves Saint Laurent and Roy Halston. What is the connection between the two? It must be their boundless talent and the time they lived in – the 1970s. The decade of disco and glamour became defining for both of them. America’s darling and Studio 54’s regular, Roy Halston used to create outfits for Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Minnelli and Bianca Jagger. It is difficult to imagine the 1970s without flowing elegant dresses by Halston. As for Yves Saint Laurent, the disco decade was all about feminine Belle Epoque creations – the iconic looks influenced by menswear and bright ethnic motifs. The visitors to the exhibition will see how differently the two great designers reinterpreted the 1970s. Yves Saint Laurent + Halston: Fashioning the ‘70s will be open from 6 February till 18 April, 2015.

2-6-2015 11-49-22 PM Halston, left, 1982, Saint Laurent, right, 1978.

2-6-2015 11-48-04 PM

Halston. On the left, fur coat, 1981, dress, 1975; blue silk jersey dress, right, 1972 and white sequined evening dress from 1974.

2-10-2015 1-41-46 PMYSL menswear for women. Groundbreaking at the time! L to R, 1967, 1982, 1968.

2-10-2015 1-42-40 PMHalston. Left from 1981, the red silk organza gown “American Beauty Rose,” right, 1980.

2-10-2015 1-43-43 PM Silver mesh bra by Elsa Peretti for Halston, 1975.

2-10-2015 1-44-38 PM YSL gowns. The center is a signature YSL look from 1976.

2-10-2015 1-45-16 PMHaston white sequined evening dress from 1974.

2-10-2015 1-42-10 PM A striped Halston gown, 1975, next to a beaded and sequined-trimmed YSL, 1965.

2-6-2015 11-41-34 PM2-6-2015 11-49-48 PM2-6-2015 11-51-14 PM

The Museum at FIT

Seventh Avenue at 27th Street
New York NY 10001-5992

Hours: Tuesday-Friday, noon-8pm
Saturday, 10AM-5PM
Closed Sunday, Monday, and legal holidays
Admission is free


New York’s Magical Holidays Windows


There is nothing more magical than New York City during the Holidays.  For decades New York’s stores like Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s have been bringing together fantasy, fashion, art and architecture to create inspired windows full of enchantment, drama, and whimsy that fuel the senses.

  Lord & Taylor

For this year, Lord & Taylor honors the 100th anniversary of their flagship NYC building. This year’s theme is “a journey through the imagination, exploring the whimsical interiors of an enchanted mansion,” and animals wearing clothes. There are mice in scarves and jaunty caps, cardinals in sunglasses and vests, and oil paintings of dogs in Elizabethan ruffs—as well as a window devoted to butterflies and fairies trapped in color-changing glass domes.

12-17-2014 2-07-26 PM

12-17-2014 2-07-49 PM12-17-2014 2-08-08 PM

11-17-2014 9-54-19 PM11-17-2014 9-50-16 PM11-17-2014 9-53-56 PM11-17-2014 9-51-07 PM

11-17-2014 9-51-32 PM

11-17-2014 9-51-52 PM

11-17-2014 9-52-34 PM

11-17-2014 9-52-13 PM

Saks Fifth Avenue

An “Enchanted Experience” is Saks Fifth Avenue’s theme for this years Holiday window display. Based on scenes from classic fairy tales retold in an Art Deco style, with iconic New York locations as the backdrop, from Cinderella arriving at the Saks Fifth Avenue, to Snow White in Time Square, to Rumplestiltskin in the grimy subway tunnels.  This theatrical display plays to our childhood fantasies and to the drama of New York’s landscape!

12-17-2014 2-08-43 PM12-17-2014 2-09-01 PM

12-19-2014 7-35-04 PM

12-19-2014 7-35-34 PM

12-19-2014 7-36-03 PM12-17-2014 2-09-22 PM12-17-2014 2-09-39 PM12-17-2014 2-11-11 PM


Macy’s flagship store this year’s theme is Santa’s Journey to the Stars.

12-20-2014 3-05-19 PM

12-19-2014 7-46-57 PM12-19-2014 7-48-45 PM12-19-2014 7-49-03 PM12-19-2014 7-49-44 PM

Salud to the Holiday Season, and to cultivating creativity that sparks the imagination for people of all ages this time of year!

Happy Holidays my wonderful friends!


Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 – Street Style


Welcome to the favorite winter meeting place for the international artworld. At the nexus of North America and Latin America, this Art Basel show presents artwork from across the globe.

With miles of sandy beaches dotted with classic Art Deco architecture, world-class art museums, and a glittering nightlife, Miami Beach ranks among America’s most iconic cities. During Art Basel, it embraces the artworld with special exhibitions at museums and galleries across the city, transforming the week into a dense and dynamic cultural event.

Check out the best looks spotted at Miami’s Art Basel.

12-6-2014 4-06-43 PM12-6-2014 4-00-53 PM12-6-2014 4-01-21 PM12-6-2014 4-02-56 PM12-6-2014 4-02-07 PM12-6-2014 4-02-28 PM12-6-2014 4-07-07 PM12-6-2014 5-31-40 PM12-6-2014 5-38-39 PM12-6-2014 5-34-00 PM12-6-2014 5-39-40 PM12-6-2014 5-39-22 PM12-6-2014 5-34-39 PM12-6-2014 4-06-13 PM12-6-2014 4-05-26 PM12-6-2014 4-03-31 PM12-6-2014 4-04-02 PM12-6-2014 5-40-55 PM


Bergdorf Goodman Celebrates The Arts with Holiday Windows


Bergdorf Goodman unveiled its holiday windows celebrating with rooftop fireworks at Fifth Avenue and 57th Street.

This year, the department store is paying homage to the arts with its holiday window displays. In different panes of the store’s windows are depictions of literature, architecture, theater, painting, dance, sculpture, music and film.

Bergdorf Goodman is also celebrating the 60th anniversary of the movie “White Christmas” this year. At the window unveiling, the title song was performed by Broadway Kids Care. A special diamond-edition of the film DVD will also be sold in store this season, with proceeds benefiting UNICEF. Bergdorf Goodman also donated a portion of the proceeds from its window event to the charity.

11-21-2014 3-04-11 PM11-18-2014 12-45-56 PMEach of the windows this year is dedicated to an art form.

11-18-2014 12-47-58 PM Theater – Bergdorf created a lit Art Deco marquee, with a mannequin in a gilded dress centered.

11-21-2014 3-13-59 PM11-26-2014 11-31-35 AM Painting – where a hand-painted Dolce & Gabbana gown takes center stage.

11-21-2014 3-14-29 PM11-26-2014 11-28-49 AMLiterature – Coat Alice+Olive, Dress Prada.

11-21-2014 3-15-06 PM11-21-2014 3-20-32 PM Architecture – a mannequin in a Julien MacDonald gown becomes one with the skyscrapers and columns surrounding her.

11-26-2014 11-28-23 AMFilm

11-26-2014 11-29-29 AMSculpture

11-26-2014 11-30-19 AM Dance – shows a ballerina on pointe surrounded by gears, as if in a music box.

11-26-2014 11-32-16 AM  Music – where a tower of shiny brass instruments reflects glittery eveningwear.

11-26-2014 1-18-03 PM11-28-2014 2-03-37 PMThe enormous snowflake hangs over the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street and it hangs as a reminder to the UNICEF’s commitment to reach a day when no children die from preventable causes.


Cubism – The Leonard A. Lauder Collection at The Met


With one magnificent gift, Leonard Lauder has vaulted New York’s Metropolitan Museum from modern art weakling to global champ. Until recently, the world’s finest artistic institution remained tentative about the 20th century (and utterly perplexed by the 21st). Now, as the new Cubism show decisively proves, Lauder’s $1 bn trove of paintings by Picasso, Braque, Gris and Léger has given the Met a whole new area to dominate.

The Collection is being shown in public for the first time—eighty-one paintings, collages, drawings, and sculpture by the four preeminent Cubist artists: Georges Braque (French, 1882–1963), Juan Gris (Spanish, 1887–1927), Fernand Léger (French, 1881–1955), and Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881–1973).

A must see!

11-17-2014 12-18-27 AM Leonard Lauder with Pablo Picasso “Nude in Armchair”.

11-17-2014 12-20-50 AMJuan Gris, “Still Life with Checked Tablecloth” (1915).

11-17-2014 12-22-26 AM Georges Braque, “Violin: Mozart Kubelick” (1912).

11-17-2014 12-23-03 AM “Composition (The Typographer)” (1918-19), by Fernand Léger.

11-17-2014 12-23-54 AM

 Pablo Picasso, “Student with a Newspaper” (1913-14).

11-17-2014 3-02-05 PM

 Juan Gris, “Pears and Grapes on a Table” (1913).

11-17-2014 3-03-03 PM

Fernand Léger, “The Village” (1914).

11-17-2014 3-03-39 PMFernand Léger, “The Tugboat” (1918).

11-17-2014 2-53-48 PM Juan Gris, “Head of a Woman (Portrait of the Artist’s Mother)” (1912).

11-17-2014 5-01-36 PM

Pablo Picasso The Scallop Shell : “Notre Avenir est dans l’Air” (1912)

11-17-2014 5-00-43 PM

 Pablo Picasso “Nude in an Armchair” Horta de Ebro (present-day Horta de Sant Joan), summer 1909

11-18-2014 12-16-58 PM

11-18-2014 12-20-20 PM

11-18-2014 12-20-57 PM

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

October 20, 2014 – February 16, 2015


Barneys & Baz Luhrmann unveil “Baz Dazzled” Holiday Window


Last night, a little rain couldn’t get in the way of Barneys, Baz Luhrmann, and Catherine Martin to celebrate the “Baz Dazzled” Holiday Window Unveiling at Barneys in New York City. The event, complete with a performance by Pentonix and an exquisite wonderland theme, brought together notables from the fashion and entertainment industries for a night of holiday magic.

Just as the windows were unveiled featuring a mesmerizing ice dancer, a gilded “truth” owl, and many more fanciful creatures, a drumline procession provided the beat needed for guests to head on to a dinner celebration a few blocks away at the Central Park Zoo.

11-14-2014 11-47-22 am

11-14-2014 11-55-18 AM11-14-2014 3-48-03 PM

11-14-2014 3-47-41 PM

11-14-2014 3-46-05 PM11-14-2014 11-44-58 AM

11-14-2014 11-45-57 am11-14-2014 12-00-57 PM11-14-2014 12-01-21 PM11-14-2014 12-01-37 PM11-14-2014 12-02-01 PM

The greeters at the Central Park Zoo Dinner

11-14-2014 2-05-30 PM11-14-2014 3-49-38 PM11-14-2014 11-54-29 am11-14-2014 2-07-37 PM11-14-2014 2-06-44 PM11-14-2014 3-50-00 PM

11-14-2014 2-22-09 PM11-14-2014 3-49-16 PM


Annie Leibovitz Gives The Corcoran Group’s Ad Campaign a High-Gloss Sheen


The Corcoran Group Real Estate launched an evolution of its “Live Who You Are” campaign, with ads featuring 12 portraits of notable cultural figures—from Jimmy Buffet to professional surfer Quincy Davis, as well as restaurateurs, equestrians, and artisans. The message embedded in these images is that the homes we purchase should reflect the most creative, stylish, or ambitious parts of ourselves. And who better to document this heightened sense of self than celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz?

The campaign features well-known personalities relaxing in the comfort of their lavish homes in affluent areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Hamptons and Palm Beach.

No one is better than Annie at meeting someone and finding out what makes them tick.

9-2-2014 9-06-15 PM Michele Oka Doner – artist, Soho neighborhood of New York City

9-2-2014 9-05-22 PMChristina Tosi, chef and owner, Milk Bar, Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn

9-2-2014 9-04-41 PMThe Topping Family, 13th-generation equestrians, Sagaponack, New York

9-2-2014 9-04-05 PM

 Misty Copeland, soloist, American Ballet Theatre, Upper West Side neighborhood of New York City

9-2-2014 9-08-52 PMTyson Chandler & Family, NBA basketball player, Upper East Side neighborhood of New York City

9-2-2014 9-08-21 PMAndrew Solomon, John Habich Solomon and son, writers and editor, Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City

9-2-2014 9-01-56 PMEvan & Oliver Haslegrave (brothers), founders of hOmE, Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn

9-2-2014 9-00-49 PMMario Nievera, landscape architect, Palm Beach, Florida

9-2-2014 9-03-08 PMMara Miller, Jesse Carrier and family, interior designers, Carrier & Co., Carnegie Hill, New York

9-2-2014 9-00-17 PMFrancesca and Hans Pauli, restaurateurs, Sant Ambroeus, Southampton, New York

9-2-2014 9-06-44 PMQuincy Davis, professional surfer, Montauk, New York

9-2-2014 9-07-39 PMJimmy Buffett, singer, songwriter and author, Palm Beach, Florida

The campaign is a continuation of Corcoran’s “Live Who You Are” marketing campaign, which launched in 2006 and got a makeover in 2012 with a new website, a TV marketing campaign  featuring a French bulldog puppy video and illustrations from Swedish artist Kari Moden.

Check the French bulldog puppy video


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