The start of the holiday season for me is when Bergdorf Goodman unveils their amazing holiday windows. Each year, the biggest retailers in Manhattan show their magical window displays, filled with fantastical themes and dazzling details—and this season’s storyboards certainly don’t disappoint.

Bergdorf Goodman, renowned for its stunning window displays, has once again outdone itself on their “Brilliant Holiday”. Awash in more than seven million Swarovski crystals, Bergdorf’s 2015 holiday windows along Fifth Avenue celebrate Swarovski’s 120th anniversary and the release of a lavish monograph from Rizzoli documenting the company’s history and its far-flung collaborations in fashion, jewelry, performance, and design.  David Hoey, senior director of visual presentation, and his team work all year on the windows and the effort is greatly appreciated. Definitely you must stop by when you are in town.

11-18-2015 8-50-25 PM

 The Crystal Ball

11-21-2015 11-43-38 AM

11-18-2015 8-45-49 PM11-18-2015 8-46-14 PM

11-21-2015 11-25-30 AMGlitterati

11-17-2015 2-35-27 AM11-18-2015 8-35-55 PM 11-21-2015 11-27-37 AM

 Hidden Gem

11-21-2015 11-28-08 AM


11-18-2015 8-47-31 PM11-18-2015 8-48-12 PM11-18-2015 8-48-48 PM11-18-2015 8-49-23 PM 11-21-2015 11-26-15 AM

The Crown Jewels

11-18-2015 8-40-32 PM

11-21-2015 11-26-49 AM

11-18-2015 8-42-51 PM

11-18-2015 8-43-28 PM

11-18-2015 8-50-25 PM

11-18-2015 8-50-54 PM11-18-2015 8-52-06 PM11-18-2015 8-51-38 PM


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