French artist Pierre Huyghe has transformed the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art into what resembles an archaeological dig site.

A hunk of Manhattan bedrock rests among the roof as granite tiles, some removed to expose the Earth and activity underneath.

The focal point of the work is an aquarium that features a floating granite rock and ancient aquatic critters such as American tadpole shrimp a living fossils that have existed in nature for over 220 million years

“Part of this exhibition is about a history that extends far beyond our imagination, to something very distant in time.

Besides admiring the fabulous view of Central Park, you also can enjoy the always popular Roof Garden Cafe that reopens for the season, along with the martini bar on Friday and Saturday evenings.

5-17-2015 4-27-56 PM5-17-2015 4-17-49 PM5-17-2015 5-12-04 PM5-17-2015 4-54-13 PM5-17-2015 5-17-46 PM5-17-2015 5-18-15 PM5-17-2015 5-19-18 PM5-17-2015 4-21-12 PMFrench artist Pierre Huyghe on the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where his new installation of site-specific commissions will be on view through Nov. 1.