Dreams are to the mind what weightlifting is to the body! Get pumped on your dreams!

Lost something in a dream? Feel an inner conflict? Need to leave an impression?

Analyst Lauren Lawrence reveals the secrets behind your dreams….

Lauren Lawrence is a socialite dreams expert, author and dreams columnist of the NY Daily News; she hosted the show “Celebrity Nightmares Decoded” on BIO channel & has published many books.4-5-2015 3-34-21 PM

Ms. Lawrence has de-mystified the dreams of today’s most private personalities, including Stephen Baldwin, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss,  Diane Von Furstenberg, Carolyn Roehm, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Mario Buatta, Emanuel Ungaro, Luciano Pavarotti and Sophia Loren.

Lauren Lawrence has appeared on numerous TV shows including the Tyra Banks Show, E’s Star Treatment, CNN’s Money Line and Fox and Friends. Is it any wonder? Few can reveal their hidden meaning like Lauren Lawrence.

Bet we’d love to have her at a dinner party. In the meantime, you can send her your dreams directly.


4-22-2015 2-10-30 PM

4-22-2015 1-48-47 PM

4-22-2015 2-14-49 PM

 Small dinner for friends!

4-22-2015 2-05-26 PM

Peace and quiet in the library.

4-22-2015 2-01-33 PM

 Where she dreams.

4-22-2015 1-55-16 PM

With the Beatles in her kitchen. Harry Benson’s wonderful “pillow fight” taken in 1964.

4-22-2015 1-56-07 PM Panthere De Cartier in her Kitchen

4-22-2015 2-02-27 PM

4-5-2015 3-02-27 PM


4-5-2015 2-55-04 PM

  At Doubles with Jane Pontarelli and Nicole Dicocco

4-5-2015 2-45-07 PM

With Lucia Hwong Gordon pointing to a favorite Sandro Chia self portrait on paper.

4-22-2015 1-47-23 PM

 In her living room with Carolyne Roehm and Sirio Maccioni.


 With Jane Pontarelli, Pilar Rossi, Adele Nino and Cassandra Seidenfeld at the book signing at her home for Elisabeth Thieriot.

4-5-2015 3-01-44 PM

 With Geoffrey Bradfield at a party in her home.

4-5-2015 3-11-06 PM

With Ann Nitze and Lynn Wyatt celebrating Casita Maria’s 80th Anniversary Fiesta Gala at the Plaza.

4-22-2015 2-00-34 PM

  With Former First Lady Dewi Sukarno.

4-5-2015 3-00-24 PMWith Cole Rumbough on his break at Le Cirque with Nicole Dicocco & Michelle Gerber Klein.

4-5-2015 2-43-15 PM

With legendary fashion designer Vicky Tiel at lunch at the Regency Hotel.


4-5-2015 3-15-44 PM

 Being photographed for New York Magazine. Photo Credit: Frank Veronsky.

4-22-2015 1-45-05 PM

Getting out of the BMW sports coupe used in one of the Bond movies, with a Kelly bag in tow. Photo credit: Ludovic Autet.

4-22-2015 1-42-45 PM

At The New York Center for Children 20th Anniversary Spring Cocktail. Photos by: Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

4-22-2015 1-46-12 PM

Celebrating Easter Sunday with hubby David at Le Cirque.


Check out her coffee-table book “Private Dreams of Public People” published by Assouline in 2002.


For the first time, public figures like Madonna, Michael Douglas, Oliver Stone, Candace Bushnell, Kelsey Grammer, Chris Kattan, Paul McCartney, Juliette Binoche and a host of others confess their intimate dreams. Dream expert Lauren Lawrence dissects these dreams, giving us unprecedented insight into celebrities’ deepest thoughts and what makes them shine. From ancient times of Delphian oracles to present day psychoanalysis, dreams have always captivated, inspired and fascinated us. What secrets do we unlock when we close our eyes? We are in a constant search for meaning in our dreams, hoping to discover the mysteries of our unconscious. Private Dreams of Public People approaches the dream like never before, focusing on celebrity dreamers, and the expression of talen inherent within their nighttime journeys.

LAUREN LAWRENCE 1LAUREN LAWRENCE 2LAUREN LAWRENCE 3Lauren Lawrence books are available on Amazon.com

4-22-2015 1-49-47 PM

 On the cover of the New York Daily News.

Lauren Lawrence dreams column runs every Sunday in the “Your New York” Life & Style section of the NY Daily News.

A dream of a shooting star points to a wish for empowerment.


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