There is nothing more magical than New York City during the Holidays.  For decades New York’s stores like Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s have been bringing together fantasy, fashion, art and architecture to create inspired windows full of enchantment, drama, and whimsy that fuel the senses.

  Lord & Taylor

For this year, Lord & Taylor honors the 100th anniversary of their flagship NYC building. This year’s theme is “a journey through the imagination, exploring the whimsical interiors of an enchanted mansion,” and animals wearing clothes. There are mice in scarves and jaunty caps, cardinals in sunglasses and vests, and oil paintings of dogs in Elizabethan ruffs—as well as a window devoted to butterflies and fairies trapped in color-changing glass domes.

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Saks Fifth Avenue

An “Enchanted Experience” is Saks Fifth Avenue’s theme for this years Holiday window display. Based on scenes from classic fairy tales retold in an Art Deco style, with iconic New York locations as the backdrop, from Cinderella arriving at the Saks Fifth Avenue, to Snow White in Time Square, to Rumplestiltskin in the grimy subway tunnels.  This theatrical display plays to our childhood fantasies and to the drama of New York’s landscape!

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Macy’s flagship store this year’s theme is Santa’s Journey to the Stars.

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Salud to the Holiday Season, and to cultivating creativity that sparks the imagination for people of all ages this time of year!

Happy Holidays my wonderful friends!