With one magnificent gift, Leonard Lauder has vaulted New York’s Metropolitan Museum from modern art weakling to global champ. Until recently, the world’s finest artistic institution remained tentative about the 20th century (and utterly perplexed by the 21st). Now, as the new Cubism show decisively proves, Lauder’s $1 bn trove of paintings by Picasso, Braque, Gris and Léger has given the Met a whole new area to dominate.

The Collection is being shown in public for the first time—eighty-one paintings, collages, drawings, and sculpture by the four preeminent Cubist artists: Georges Braque (French, 1882–1963), Juan Gris (Spanish, 1887–1927), Fernand Léger (French, 1881–1955), and Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881–1973).

A must see!

11-17-2014 12-18-27 AM Leonard Lauder with Pablo Picasso “Nude in Armchair”.

11-17-2014 12-20-50 AMJuan Gris, “Still Life with Checked Tablecloth” (1915).

11-17-2014 12-22-26 AM Georges Braque, “Violin: Mozart Kubelick” (1912).

11-17-2014 12-23-03 AM “Composition (The Typographer)” (1918-19), by Fernand Léger.

11-17-2014 12-23-54 AM

 Pablo Picasso, “Student with a Newspaper” (1913-14).

11-17-2014 3-02-05 PM

 Juan Gris, “Pears and Grapes on a Table” (1913).

11-17-2014 3-03-03 PM

Fernand Léger, “The Village” (1914).

11-17-2014 3-03-39 PMFernand Léger, “The Tugboat” (1918).

11-17-2014 2-53-48 PM Juan Gris, “Head of a Woman (Portrait of the Artist’s Mother)” (1912).

11-17-2014 5-01-36 PM

Pablo Picasso The Scallop Shell : “Notre Avenir est dans l’Air” (1912)

11-17-2014 5-00-43 PM

 Pablo Picasso “Nude in an Armchair” Horta de Ebro (present-day Horta de Sant Joan), summer 1909

11-18-2014 12-16-58 PM

11-18-2014 12-20-20 PM

11-18-2014 12-20-57 PM

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

October 20, 2014 – February 16, 2015