Some things in fashion – and in life – are indisputable, and John Galliano’s talent is one of those things. The news of his appointment at the creative helm of Maison Martin Margiela has engendered excitement and speculation within a fashion industry keen to see clothes again weaved from his unparalleled imagination.

As returns go, Galliano’s gentle re-emergence from the fashion hinterland has been about as gradual as one can imagine. Exiled by many – but by no means all – following his dismissal from Dior and subsequent trial for anti-Semitism more than three years ago, Galliano has engaged in a strategic re-entry: with only select interviews and limited public appearances leading up to his creative rebirth. Before entertaining any reintroduction to the industry, he began a lengthy period of contemplation and recovery from the addiction issues that precipitated and accompanied his Dior collapse. Living in LA, away from the pace of Paris; building personal relationships; making amends; teaching and mentoring fashion students – and now with a lifestyle to rival a vegan chef – Galliano is healthy mentally and physically, cleansing mind and body as he approaches his new beginning.

Will wish him both happiness and success, following this next chapter with great interest.

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