From Chanel’s slogan bracelets and Valentino’s ring stack; to playful pearls at Lanvin and Mix ‘N’ Match piercings at Dior, we edit the jewelry trends that you can expect to see on the street for Spring/Summer 2015, from New York, Milan and Paris.

10-3-2014 6-13-16 PMThe slogan bracelet at Chanel

10-3-2014 6-13-41 PMThe retro hoops at Louis Vuitton

10-3-2014 6-14-01 PM The ring stack at Valentino

10-3-2014 6-14-17 PM Mix ‘N’ Match piercings at Dior

10-3-2014 6-14-39 PM The black lacquer cuff at Céline

10-3-2014 6-15-03 PM The illusion earrings at Prada

10-3-2014 6-15-28 PM The bridle bracelet at Hermès

10-3-2014 6-15-54 PM The choker at Balmain

10-3-2014 6-16-19 PM The playful pearls at Lanvin

10-3-2014 6-17-03 PM The XXL chains at Stella McCartney

10-3-2014 6-18-25 PM The Safety-pin earrings at Giorgio Armani

10-3-2014 6-19-19 PM The silver disk at Giambattista Valli

10-3-2014 6-19-39 PM The baroque choker at Givenchy

10-3-2014 6-21-25 PM The crystal jewels at Ralph Lauren Collection