The Writing Room opened on the Upper East Side with impressive shoes to fill. The recently launched eatery occupies the same space as the legendary Elaine’s – a former watering hole for literary and film glitterati for nearly five decades. While Elaine’s was lauded in novels, songs and movies, one has to wonder how the new establishment will fare.

But, it is making lots of people in its neighborhood happy and is the second NYC establishment for owners Michael and Susy Glick who also own the Parlor Steakhouse. A ray of hope is that the Glicks and their partner investor were long-time Elaine’s regulars until it shuttered in 2011 a few months after its namesake’s death.

The space has been entirely recrafted with a 20 foot long zinc bar. The walls that once held books are now covered in photos of past literary patrons and what used to be an alley for smoking out back is now a spectacular library and dining room.

I like The Writing Room’s honest, well-wrought American bistro menu and welcoming-to-all vibe. The Writing Room is truly the best of both worlds where you can soak up the rich history of the establishment’s former life but enjoy more palatable savories without fear of being sent to Siberia if someone more glittery wants your seat…

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8-4-2014 11-04-30 AMOwners Michael and Susy Glick

8-4-2014 11-07-47 AM The fried chicken is just one of the standout dishes at The Writing Room.

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 The Writing Room’s fresh makeover has vanished nearly all traces of Elaine’s ghosts.

The Writing Room at 1703 2nd Avenue, Upper East Side NYC.