Jeff Koons “A Retrospective” at Whitney Museum in New York City


The Whitney Museum in New York City debuted the “most comprehensive retrospective ever” of contemporary artist Jeff Koons.

“Jeff Koons: A Retrospective” that opened June 27th is the largest exhibit ever put on by the American art museum and the final show in the Whitney Museum’s Madison Avenue building, before it moves to the Meatpacking District.

Koons has spent the past four decades producing a divisive body of work: some consider it genius, others think it’s a joke. The only given is that his pieces sell for extraordinary prices: last November “Balloon Dog (Orange)”, a 12-foot metallic sculpture, became the most expensive work by a living artist ever sold at auction when it fetched $58.4m at Christie’s.

The artist’s best-known pieces—the kitschy porcelain sculpture of Michael Jackson and his pet monkey, a giant metallic yellow edition of his “Balloon Dog” series, and several versions of his “Equilibrium” works featuring basketballs suspended in solution—are sprinkled throughout the exhibition.

Whatever your view of Mr Koons’s work, the Whitney is certainly saying goodbye to its old home “with a flourish”. The show both entertains and provokes, by allowing viewers to see the breadth of Mr Koons’s work. Some may sneer, but all will find something to marvel at.

7-4-2014 12-08-31 PM

Jeff Koons: “A Retrospective”

7-4-2014 11-50-11 AM

 “Balloon Venus” (Orange), 2008–12.

7-4-2014 11-40-33 AM7-4-2014 12-16-54 PM Sculptures on display include “Woman in Tub” and “Michael Jackson and Bubbles.”

7-4-2014 11-42-48 AM“Antiquity 3”, 2011

7-4-2014 11-48-13 AM“Made in Heaven”, 1989

7-4-2014 11-49-49 AM“Dutch Couple”, 2007

7-4-2014 11-47-50 AM  “Michael Jackson and Bubbles”, 1988.

7-4-2014 11-49-29 AM“Seal Walrus (Trashcans)”, 2003

7-4-2014 11-30-02 AM “Inflatable Flowers (Short Pink, Tall Purple)”, 1979

7-4-2014 12-11-19 PM“Elvis, 2003”. Oil on canvas

7-4-2014 11-26-24 AM “Tulips”, 1995–98. Oil on canvas.

7-4-2014 11-41-56 AM “Woman in Tub”

7-4-2014 12-10-05 PM” Hulk (Organ)”, 2004–14.

7-5-2014 2-58-47 PM

“One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank” (Spalding Dr. J 241 Series), 1985,

  7-4-2014 11-49-03 AM “Junkyard”, 2002

7-4-2014 12-19-04 PMIn addition to the Whitney exhibit, Koons’ “Split-Rocker” topiary recently debuted at Rockefeller Center. The 37-foot-high topiary, featuring 50,000 plants, is a half-dinosaur, half-pony that’s been displayed everywhere from Versailles to Maryland.

“Jeff Koons: A Retrospective” is on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art, in New York, until October 19th 2014.

The exhibition will travel to the Pompidou Centre in Paris in November and to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain, in summer 2015.


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