Prada has unveiled the Pradasphere, its eagerly-awaited collaboration with Harrods. The month-long exhibition traces Prada through its history, from its heritage roots as a leather goods business to its current incarnation as a $5 billion design brand.

The exuberant exhibition will catalogue the multifaceted activities of the Italian design powerhouse – from fashion and accessories to architecture, cinema, and beyond.

During the exhibition there will be a Prada Cafe and a capsule collection designed exclusively for Harrods based on the past 100 years of Prada’s iconic collections.


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A screening room will show short films made in collaboration with Wes Anderson, Ridley Scott and Roman Polanski.

 You can watch Wes Anderson’s collab, Candy, starring Lea Seydoux, below:



The Pradasphere is open at Harrods until the end of May.