After showcasing their dreamy estate in Architectural Digest‘s October issue, it looks like Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are already calling it quits on their custom-built chateau.

The fantastic Los Angeles home is on the market for a staggering, but probably justifiable, $50 million. The world’s richest supermodel and her NFL quarterback husband, Tom Brady, are said to have bought the land that the house stands on for $11 million in 2008, before they married, and have spent the past five years and a rumoured $20 million creating the 14,000sq ft chateau we see today.

Designed by architect Richard Landry and decorated by interior designer Joan Behnke, the house has five bedrooms, nine bathrooms and all the eco-aware mod cons that the couple desired – including solar panels, composting, a mini farm (complete with chickens and a vegetable patch), and greywater systems. With almost four acres of garden, which boast a koi-stocked moat and infinity pool, the exterior is almost – if not quite – as stunning as the interior, which features a neutral colour scheme, homely furnishings and plenty of space.

So why then, when it took five years to build and decorate – and was the place that motivated Bündchen to declare, “It was important for us to plant roots for our family” – is the foursome leaving already? Moving nearer to Brady’s team, and their current base, in Boston seems to be the favoured explanation, although we’d need a better reason than a gruelling six-hour commute to abandon this castle.

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