It’s the most beautiful time of the year….

From classic and heartwarming to shimmery and glittery, New York City’s holiday window displays entertain, amaze and inspire onlookers.

Tiffany & Co., for instance, had their art department depict the streets of the Upper East Side on a snowy white Christmas Eve. Just like last year, Tiffany is melting shopper’s hearts with their whimsical holiday windows.

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A Fuzzy Yeti Gets a Starring Role in the Saks Holiday Windows

The holiday windows at Saks Fifth Avenue were unveiled giving passerby and shoppers a glimpse into the backstory of the Saks Yeti, who according to legend, lives on the department store’s rooftop and makes snow in the winter. There are six animated windows in total, including one that allows onlookers to toss a digital snowflake at the store. In another, the Yeti gets a pep-talk from his mom.

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The Macy’s Holiday Windows – A Journey Through a Crystal Forest

This year’s holiday windows at Macy’s in Herald Square center around the travels of a young boy through a crystal forest dreamland. Titled “Dream…and Believe”, the windows feature animals cast in ice sculptures, heaps of snow, a giant sack of presents, and one very happy child.

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Lord & Taylor was the first of the city’s department stores to debut their holiday windows.

This year, the windows are inspired by vintage New York City, capturing the city’s history of tradition and heritage. The story begins with all of the excitement surrounding the holidays, from the celebratory preparations to the festive decor, including a scene from Lord & Taylor of customers shopping for gifts and getting ready for their holiday parties with dancing couples, mothers with their children, romantic gift exchanges, and more than one Santa Claus.

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