Hermès opens a pop up shop called the “Hermès Silk Bar”

The luxury fashion house, which has always retained a certain chilly exclusivity, recently shed its icy reputation in favor of a more accessible image, thanks to a charming pop-up inside The Shops at Columbus Circle.

10-5-2013 11-13-03 AMThe oval-shaped kiosk in the building’s lobby was inspired by a diner and features a neon chalkboard “menu” of “Daily Silk Specials.”

10-5-2013 11-13-54 AM

This pop-up shop features a list of daily silk specials and will stock the newest Maxi Twilly scarf. This is also along the heels of the recent launch of Hermes new Silk Knots app.

10-6-2013 11-16-32 AM10-5-2013 11-14-18 AM10-5-2013 11-14-42 AMSilk Bar also features an interactive component upstairs called Les Jeux d’Hermès There, you can have fun with hopscotch, miniature golf, hula hooping, and even a photo booth.

10-5-2013 11-12-05 AM10-5-2013 11-11-47 AM

A highlight of the concourse is an adorable miniature golf course that uses scarves for flag and halved replicas of enamel bangles as hoops. (A game of horseshoes also uses the enamel bracelet replicas as the actual horseshoes.)

10-5-2013 11-12-42 AM10-5-2013 11-15-28 AM

A French game of hopscotch urges visitors to jump (or “terre”) on the silk scarves that are arranged under plexi-glass.

10-6-2013 11-16-01 AMFor documentation purposes, a larger-than-life Les Jeux d’Hermès scarf motif acts as a backdrop for an old-fashioned photo booth, where guests get to wear the brand’s scarves expertly tied by a staff-member, as well as various props such as boxing gloves.

10-5-2013 11-12-23 AM

Hermès Silk Bar at The Shops at Columbus Circle
The pop-up will be open through October 31st, on Monday through Saturday from 11am till 7pm. The games and photo booth on the second floor, though, will only remain open through Saturday the 12th.