Nicholas Wilber, the chef at the Fat Radish, has moved Uptown to head up the kitchen at The East Pole. He’s serving a menu that is similar to but “less rustic” than the one at the Fat Radish. There are quite a few vegetables on the menu, and a “macro plate” like the one served at Fat Radish. But it also includes a pork ossobucco, chicken Kiev, and the Fat Radish’s bacon cheeseburger.

The nautical décor evokes “old days of exploration,” and the vintage maps come from the Winser family’s personal collection. Plus: There are two floors, a private dining room, and outdoor seating.

8-28-2013 2-17-53 PM8-28-2013 2-11-35 PM8-28-2013 2-12-06 PM8-28-2013 2-12-32 PM8-28-2013 2-12-49 PM8-28-2013 2-23-53 PMThis private dining room seats twenty.

8-28-2013 2-21-36 PM8-28-2013 2-13-08 PMRoasted cherry tomato and curry toast

8-28-2013 2-13-26 PMSummer cucumbers, fried Cape Cod oysters, wakame.

8-28-2013 2-25-19 PMSmoked tomato orecchiette, fennel and pork sausage, basil.

8-28-2013 2-24-18 PM Chocolate bread pudding with chocolate creme anglaise

Photos: Matt Dutile

The East Pole, 133 E. 65th St. (nr. Lexington Ave.), 212-249-2222