Gemstones were the starting point for Osklen’s Spring 2014 collection, played out via a jewel-toned color palette, geometric pattern-cutting and gemstones arranged in different formations, photographed to make eye-catching prints.

What made this collection cool was the use of light weight eco-friendly fabrics such as clear plastic and vegetable dyed-eco silk. Metsavaht chose a color palette of mostly bold gem toned colors such as blue, yellow, red, and every color of the rainbow that you could imagine, was composed of separates in see-through tailored sleeveless tops paired over pant was simple and easy. As the show progressed there was striped shells layered under crop tops and paired with matching shorts. Gel colored oversized sunglasses gave each look a futuristic edge as well as the use of see-through diamond shaped clutches. Hair and make-up was kept very clean and simple.

The label is one of Brazil’s leading luxury houses with a reputation for quality and innovation.

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Backstage with Oskar Metsavaht