Roland Mouret is hosting an exhibition at his Carlos Place atelier, in association with London gallery East of Mayfair from September 14 for five weeks, showcasing the work of Puerto Rican illustrator Antonio Lopez – and Mouret’s admiration for him goes deeper than just purely aesthetics: he was a part of his teenage dreams.

“When I lived in Paris in the Eighties, it was my dream to be drawn by him!” Mouret laughed. “We were at the same parties, and he was drawing all the people you wanted to meet; all the models, all the beautiful girls. When I was a model, I hoped, ‘Maybe, one day, I’ll be drawn by him,” but I was at the same agency as his boyfriend so after that, he always drew him. So I missed out. He really was the first one to bring that notion of street culture to life with his illustrations. There was a fantastic notion of movement in every drawing and it was really challenging our ideas; pushing it to try to find this elegance. There was a real Latino spirit, a modernity, which I love. He loved boys and girls with character and strong faces: a power shoulder; a V-shape in the body; that athletic attitude. When you love his work, you connect with all of it; I couldn’t choose a favourite piece.”

But, if you can manage to choose, the work might be a good investment it seems.

“I think that his work will continue to experience increased popularity for its ability to capture specific cultural eras whilst remaining timeless and genuine,” East of Mayfair gallery director Janina Joffe explained. “His creations – made together with partner Juan Ramos – feel powerful and relevant nearly 30 years after his death, and exemplify the importance and value of fashion illustration as an art form before fashion photography largely took its place.”

9-3-2013 1-01-27 PM

Roland Mouret

9-3-2013 12-56-52 PM Wham! Fashion of the Times

9-3-2013 12-57-20 PM Mick Jagger, 1983

9-3-2013 12-58-01 PM Mademoiselle III, 1965

9-3-2013 12-58-22 PM Bloomingale’s Campaign, 1977

9-3-2013 12-58-46 PM Bill Blass for American Vogue, 1983

9-3-2013 12-59-02 PM Andy Warhol, New York, 1978

9-3-2013 12-59-21 PM Fashion of the Times, 1967

9-3-2013 12-59-45 PM Patterns and Hats for American Vogue I, 1975

9-3-2013 1-00-06 PM Valentino for Vanity, 1982

9-3-2013 1-00-30 PM For Italian Vanity, 1983

Photos By Estate of Antonio Lopez and Juan Ramos, courtesy of East of Mayfair

     Lauren Milligan for Vogue UK News