Shoe tycoon Vince Camuto and his former beauty queen wife have put their historic Southampton estate on the market.

Once the “most opulent home in the Hamptons,” Wooldon was once the epic summer estate of Jessie Woolworth Donahue, daughter of the Woolworth’s founder. The waterfront spread was so grand, in fact, that this 10,000-square-foot pile was actually built in 1930 as the pool house. The original main house was demolished in the early 1940s after the death of its then-owner, Merrill Lynch co-founder Edmund Lynch, but the pool house has survived as one of Southampton, N.Y.’s finest waterfront mansions. Now owned by shoe designer Vince Camuto, the man behind Nine West, the mansion and a parceled off 5.5 acres have been listed for $48M.

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The home has plenty room with five acres of land.

7-25-2013 12-06-20 PMThe view from the balcony looks over the garden and towards the Atlantic Ocean.

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Inside, the vaulted ceilings have exposed beams and sky lights.

7-25-2013 12-07-11 PM7-25-2013 12-07-27 PM7-25-2013 12-07-42 PM7-25-2013 12-07-58 PM The dinning room which can seat eight guests with breathtaking ocean views.

7-25-2013 12-08-17 PMThere’s also a true chef’s kitchen with island, chandelier and sky light.

7-25-2013 12-08-40 PMThere are 10 bedrooms in the home, which look like an ad for a fancy European hotel.

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It even has its own bathroom suit with a vanity station and epic bath tub near the window.

7-25-2013 12-09-12 PM7-25-2013 12-09-28 PM The manor has over 30 rooms in total.

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7-25-2013 12-10-04 PM There’s also an old school greenhouse on the property.

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You can relax under the terrace for dinner parties or social gatherings.

7-25-2013 12-10-19 PM And don’t forget lounging by serene pool, complete with pool house.

7-25-2013 12-10-38 PM Or play a friendly game on your personal court.

7-25-2013 12-10-55 PM Camuto has already moved on to another Hamptons home: the Jazz Age Villa Maria that recently garnered a feature in Architectural Digest.