Visit The New York Botanical Garden between May 18 and October 27, 2013 and you’re in for quite the treat. Internationally-renowned contemporary artist Philip Haas has created four huge, 15-foot-tall portrait sculptures that each represent the different seasons.

Inspired by the famed Four Seasons paintings by Renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo – in which the 16-century painter used images of vegetables, fruits and other organic materials to create fanciful faces. Haas’ sculptures look like they could have emerged in some magic way from the grounds of the gardens.

5-28-2013 12-11-56 PM

5-28-2013 2-11-18 PM

5-28-2013 2-11-01 PM

5-28-2013 2-12-23 PM

5-28-2013 2-10-49 PM

5-28-2013 12-02-41 PM

5-28-2013 12-03-40 PM

5-28-2013 2-12-09 PM5-28-2013 2-11-48 PM

The four sculptures will sit in the courtyard of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory facing one another in a square configuration. Visitors are encouraged to walk around and in between the works, taking in the whole fantasy-like experience.