Currently in soft launch mode with an official opening date on the 23d May, the Great Northern Hotel is reopening in all its splendor seconds from the ever-busy Kings Cross station in London. Built in 1854 by Victorian architect Lewis Cubitt, the six-storey hotel has gone through extensive renovations, featuring 91 elegant rooms inspired by the old-school glamour of rail travel. Understated luxury is key at this upscale hotel, with a pantry on each of the six floors where guest can help themselves to homemade cakes, coffee and tea, as well as a handpicked selection of reading materials. Each room feature bath products by Malin & Goetz, bespoke furniture and audiobooks as well as personalized playlists by leading DJs. The Grade II listed building is also home to the Art Deco inspired restaurant Plum + Spilt Milk as well as the grand GNH bar, serving a selection of enticing cocktails such as the Oriental Express and Last Call.

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Great Northern Hotel
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Pictures courtesy of the Great Northern Hotel