Terry O’Neill is a British photographer who gained renown documenting the fashions, styles, and celebrities of the 1960s.

He has captured some of the most evocative images of our time for more than 50 years. From a nonchalently beautiful Faye Dunaway poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel the morning after her Oscar win, David Bowie plus his white dog in full glam rock regalia and the sculptural beauty of Romy Schneider in Saint-Tropez, to a fragile young Kate Moss in a black lace bodysuit.

A selection of his intimate portraits has been brought together in a new book; ‘Terry O’Neill : The A-Z of Fame’.

4-26-2013 12-46-55 PM Terry O’Neill

4-26-2013 12-50-51 PM Charlotte Rampling

4-26-2013 12-52-05 PM Romy Schneider

4-26-2013 12-53-52 PM Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood

4-26-2013 12-47-56 PM David Bowie

4-26-2013 12-53-23 PM Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney

4-26-2013 12-54-59 PM Lauren Hutton

4-26-2013 12-56-47 PM Mikhail Barychnikov

4-26-2013 12-58-39 PMPaul MacCartney

4-26-2013 12-56-22 PM

Brigitte Bardot

4-26-2013 12-58-00 PM Twiggy

4-26-2013 12-57-24 PM Jane Shrimpton and Terence Stamp

4-26-2013 12-59-34 PM Tina Turner

4-26-2013 12-52-30 PMRobert Redford

4-26-2013 12-55-59 PMHarrison  Ford

4-26-2013 12-54-17 PMFaye  Dunaway

4-26-2013 12-49-48 PM Kate Moss

Images taken from Terry O’Neill, published by ACC Editions.