HARRODS has opened its temporary Dior wonderland. The expansive project – which includes a café, exhibition, window display and pop-up shop – took over 18 months to create and was inspired by the fashion house’s long-term relationship with the famed London store.

Inside, the entire fourth floor has been transformed into a replica of 30 Avenue Montaigne – Dior’s headquarters in Paris, complete with a giant doll’s house which inside features tiny furniture made using J’Adore Dior fragrance bottles, beautiful black and white imagery taken from the brand’s archives, videos explaining the concept behind its campaigns and Dior versions of famous London landmarks – from post boxes to telephone boxes. Its window displays feature mini versions of the capital’s attractions, including Tower Bridge and the London Eye, each bearing a Dior stamp.

An installation feature famous dresses worn by the label’s famous fans, from Diana, Princess of Wales, Elizabeth Taylor to the actual stars, including Emma Watson, Marion Cotillard and the Oscar winning Jennifer Lawrence’s Cinderella gown. In addition, there is a Dior cafe, which serve Monsieur Dior’s favorite foods. Who would have guessed that a lobster club sandwich and Dior cupcakes would be the menu highlights?

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If you’re traveling to London you will not want to miss the Harrods Dior takeover, which run from March 16 to April 14.