Who runs the world of fashion? Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel, of course….

When it comes to the world of luxury fashion, Chanel is the universal language. That was the message at the Chanel fall 2013, where The Kaiser latest, greatest piece of runway scenery under the ornate glass ceiling of the Grand Palais was a gigantic, rotating globe with tiny Chanel flags planted wherever the brand is sold, which is pretty much everywhere.

Fitting for a brand that reaches so many countries, the lineup included some 80 looks, many of which had futuristic tinges to them — think structured collars, helmet-like colorful hats and boxy shapes. Youthful appeal was added via flat boots (granted they were thigh-high and covered in chains) And while there may not have been any hula hoop this season, the globe-shaped minaudières are sure to be hot sellers.

3-5-2013 11-48-29 AM3-5-2013 4-48-10 PM3-5-2013 11-49-10 AM3-5-2013 11-49-35 AM3-5-2013 11-51-04 AM3-5-2013 4-50-55 PM3-5-2013 11-51-55 AM3-5-2013 11-52-24 AM3-5-2013 11-55-05 AM3-5-2013 11-55-31 AM3-5-2013 11-56-49 AM3-5-2013 4-57-01 PM3-5-2013 4-58-23 PM3-5-2013 11-57-28 AM3-5-2013 4-59-36 PM3-5-2013 11-57-54 AM3-5-2013 11-58-20 AM3-5-2013 5-00-07 PM3-5-2013 11-58-43 AM3-5-2013 5-00-54 PM3-5-2013 12-00-24 PM3-5-2013 5-02-28 PM3-5-2013 12-03-42 PM3-5-2013 12-05-46 PM3-5-2013 5-06-52 PM3-5-2013 12-09-29 PM3-5-2013 12-09-50 PM3-5-2013 12-10-07 PM3-5-2013 12-10-49 PM3-5-2013 12-15-18 PM3-5-2013 12-15-52 PM3-5-2013 12-17-24 PM3-5-2013 5-12-23 PM3-5-2013 12-18-22 PM3-5-2013 5-12-02 PM3-5-2013 12-18-47 PM3-5-2013 12-24-03 PM3-5-2013 12-20-44 PM3-5-2013 12-28-19 PM3-5-2013 12-22-58 PM Front Row

3-5-2013 12-39-37 PMMarie Josee Croze and Jessica Chastain

3-5-2013 12-40-22 PM Mario Testino and Patrick Demarchelier

3-5-2013 12-40-04 PM

Princess Caroline of Hanover