Expectations were high Saturday when Wang presented his own fall-winter 2013 collection. And he did not disappoint. The collection already seemed elevated above what he has done in the past. And its exploration of volume and couture-like construction with a sporty, streetwise edge could provide some hints about what he plans to do at Balenciaga.2-9-2013 6-11-11 PM2-9-2013 6-11-43 PM2-9-2013 6-12-35 PM2-9-2013 6-13-13 PM2-9-2013 6-13-39 PM2-9-2013 6-14-11 PM2-9-2013 6-14-45 PM2-9-2013 6-15-28 PM2-9-2013 6-16-13 PM2-9-2013 6-16-35 PM2-9-2013 6-17-09 PM2-9-2013 6-17-27 PM2-9-2013 6-18-26 PM2-9-2013 6-19-09 PM2-9-2013 6-19-48 PM