Sending us on a Turkish adventure, Mr. Armani transported viewers on a exotic journey with a collection inspired by the romanticism of the Eastern cultures, the mystery of the desert and ornate Arabic architecture and ironwork.

Models adorned with fez-meets-cloche hats paraded a collection of mostly tailored looks in saturated spice and jewel tones, and in rich lustrous fabrics like Mikado satin.

The collection also included some of Armani signatures like fitted gazar jackets and beaded gilets, and the season’s Art Deco-influence showed up in the form of chevron patterns and a parade of sinuous pencil skirts.

Red carpet worthy gowns that exuded elegance and beauty rounded out the collection, and over-sized cylindrical broaches and necklaces bejeweled many of the garments, adding bits of flair to the jackets, dresses, and tops.

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