Paris’s Jardim de Tuileries was in a full bloom inside the nearly invisible mirrored tent for the Dior’s Couture Spring 2013 show, despite all the snow on the ground outside.

Inspired by “the spirit of spring, of building flowers and of hopeful rebirth” this season’s Raf Simons lead Dior down the garden path with a collection that was fittingly light and airy. There was a softness that pervaded even the most tightly fitted and structured looks thanks to the designer’s use of lightweight fabrics and minimal embellishments.

He used three-dimensional foliate embroideries with a light touch, clustering fine silk petals on a peplum or on dark tulle gloves, or scattering meadow flowers over a white net bustier, worn with narrow-leg pants and a billowing coat of unlined poppy-orange silk.

Bright pops of yellow and pink were presented alongside soft shades of blue and black for a collection that may not have the shock value of Galliano, but presented something incredibly refined and, better yet, wearable.

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