Raf Simons’s first two collections for Christian Dior have elicited swoons, raves, and hyperbolic statements from the fashion community, and it seems he may have another hit on his hands.

For his first Pre-Fall collection for the brand, he’s reworking the fashion house’s inimitable signatures with a modern spin, that he called the “new classics.”. If Dior is known for anything, it’s sophistication and timeless designs. Simons’s latest creations fit the bill with the season’s popular suiting trend, houndstooth and Prince de Galle prints, the brand’s signature Bar jackets, and so much more. Though the fashion house has a tendency to play on fantasy, functionality really is a main focus, with pieces that will not only build up the modern-day woman’s wardrobe, but will work for a number of different occasions from work to play.

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