The magic of the holidays is upon us and no store seems to be able to outshine Tiffany & Co. as the world-renowned jewelers has consistently upheld its reputation for fashion’s most imaginative and dream-like displays for decades.

From the immaculately accurate replicas to the gravity-defying props, Tiffany & Co. has found a way to transport shoppers to another reality through the use of mind tricks and glamour.

Featuring miniature presentations of charming Upper East Side homes, Tiffany & Co. uses the tiny details of a couple’s romantic embrace, miniature crystal chandeliers, and a snow laden porch worthy of Park Avenue, to offer an enchanting backdrop for their gorgeous jewelry designs. It is Tiffany & Co.’s windows, this season, that remind us of the beauty of the holidays and the importance of those magical memories that will last a life time–memories found in each special little blue box.

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