The annual Holiday Windows at Bergdorf Goodman are one New York’s most cherished traditions, enchanting 5th Avenue shoppers with a spectacular dose of glamour and magic.

After two weeks of build-up, the season of grand holiday reveals concludes with the biggest unveiling of all. Called The BG Follies of 2012, Bergdorf Goodman, master of baroque, complicated, high-fashion, just-generally-breathtaking Christmas windows, has officially pulled back the curtain on its 2012 display, the theme of which is the Jazz Age.

The windows unfold across five acts, beginning with “Tuning Up,” which features an all-girl orchestra. Next is “Rhapsody in Feathers,” starring white peacocks and a fan dancer, followed by “Follies in Miniature,” starring tiny antique mannequins from the 1940s. Act four, “Canine Daredevils,” involves many dogs and one Alexander McQueen gown, while the big finale, “The Mirror Kaleidoscope,”wraps up with a rotating starburst and two mannequins dressed in custom Naeem Khan.

 “Tuning Up

Inspired by the all-girl orchestra craze of the 1920s, later immortalized in the Billy Wilder film “Some Like It Hot.”

“Rhapsody in Feathers”

Called “Naughty and Nice”, is a tribute to burlesque performer Sally Rand, inventor of the risque fan dance.

The mannequin, flanked by two oversized, Art Deco chandeliers, poses with her large feather fans while wearing a short white fringed dress by Marchesa.

 “Follies in Miniature

Ziegfeld Follies showcases a collection of mid-century miniature American mannequins once used for display and merchandising, as well as for sewing practice.

 “Canine Daredevils”

Daredevil Dogs sets the stage for a surprising novelty act: a glamorous dog trainer surrounded by 30 stylized, performing poodles and terriers.

 “The Mirror Kaleidoscope”

The Grand Finale of the BG Follies of 2012.  Twin showgirls are presented downstage, while a colossal mirrored starburst rotates behind them.

 The BG Follies continue beyond Fifth Avenue, featuring a panoply of Acts on 57th and 58th Street, as well as at the Men’s Store.

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