It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and midtown shoppers are walkin’ in a window wonderland.

The Big Apple’s department stores are dressing in their holiday best, and the boutiques have taken great panes to outdo one other.

Henry Bendel Celebrates a Very Gatsby Christmas

Bendel’s theme is the roaring ’20s, so the windows are full of fun-looking parties and all the mannequins have bobs. Inside, a two-story gold foil tree tops off with an oversized champagne glass where the star should be.

The Cirque du Soleil Holiday Windows At Bloomingdales

Bloomingdale’s theme this year is Cirque du Soleil, so naturally the festivities included a dash of Vegas. Check out the window installations, which include interactive elements and animation. (If you think they look cool now, imagine all those acrobats actually moving.

Lord & Taylor’s 75th Anniversary Holiday Windows 

Lord & Taylor’s has the most old-fashioned of the holiday windows unveiled this week—appropriate, since they’re commemorating 75 years of December displays.

The windows are all about Christmas traditions around the world. They follow Santa Claus as he visits Central Park, a swanky party (do note the miniature Champagne bottles), and a lantern-festooned bridge in Asia.

Macy’s theme this year is “The Magic of Christmas”

Macy’s, like Lord & Taylor is firmly in the camp of traditional holiday windows—no Minnie Mouse in Lanvin here and instead decided to pay homage to Nutcraker.