With over 80 locations of Maison Kayser around the world, it was only a matter of time before Parisian master baker Eric Kayser arrived on American shores. His first New York boulangerie/patisserie/cafe opened on the Upper East Side, and on day two was already packed with crowds, black-and-white-striped waiters shuttling sandwiches and pastries to tables, and of course many, many baguettes.

We went to Maison Kayser for Brunch and were blown away by how good these baked goods are. Really, if anything, Maison Kayser NYC exceeds the hype. The large storefront on Third Avenue is split into two parts. On your left is the boulangerie and patisserie, with a huge array of tempting loaves of bread–all made with Eric Kayser’s secret ingredient, liquid sourdough leavening or levain, and his signature “slow rising” baking method–as well as cookies, pastries, croissants, mini-cakes, on and on, available to-go. Upper East Side residents on a low-carb/no-carb diet: your regimen is in trouble.

 Kayser’s breads are made with a sourdough starter devoid of commercial yeast.

Grilled chicken with artichoke tapenade, cherry tomatoes, and arugula. “Everything we do is so nice because it’s simple,” says Kayser.

  Figs and Jambon de Bayonne with melted Bucheron.

 Smoked Salmon Tartine

The pastry menu includes apricot-pistachio tarts, eclairs, croissants, brioche, financiers..

Eric Kayser – Kayser doesn’t pick sides when it comes to bread vs. pastry; “I like them all,” he says with a smile.

Maison Kayser Bakery and Cafe is located on Third Avenue just north of 74th Street, and is open on Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.; on Saturday and Sunday it opens at 8:00 a.m.