In light of the highly anticipated release of The Little Black Jacket—a coffee-table book by Lagerfeld and Roitfeld—our friends at CHANEL reached out to us to shoot a promotional piece that showcases the women behind the jacket. We hit up our Little Black Book and contacted some of N.Y.C.’s most stylish chicks from the fashion sphere to contemporary art circles. As highlighted in this project and the book, CHANEL’s Little Black Jacket remains to be a dynamic staple that can be worn by anyone, anyway.

Sometimes I think I might be the love child of Peter Marino and Coco Chanel—and this picture qualifies as my birth certificate. My leather gold-studded pants are men’s Versace for H&M. I found my cap in a tiny vintage store in the Marais. The jacket and pearls are classic CHANEL heaven. – Sophie Pera

I loved this jacket the moment I saw the model Brad and his three-year-old son wearing it down the runway in September 2010. This jacket is unmistakably CHANEL, inside and out. It has a vintage quality to it; you don’t quite know what season it might be from. Perhaps the best part is that it can be worn with almost anything: I have worn this jacket to work, to parties, on a plane, with jeans, with dresses, or with skirts. It’s so easy and makes you feel as if you’re that quintessentially stylish French friend you have who always looks so chic and makes you jealous! – Karla Martinez

I think CHANEL really exemplifies French chic: it’s the most iconic brand that is always being updated to keep up with the modern woman while remaining true to the vision of Coco Chanel. I could have those CCs all over my house! – Karla Martinez

I think every girl, the minute she’s old enough to dress herself, dreams about wearing a piece of CHANEL—especially the iconic jacket. What this girl has discovered is that CHANEL can be worn in so many different ways: I love wearing my jackets with more casual pieces, say a flirty skirt, silk trousers either cropped or wide leg. – Karla Martinez

I would wear this CHANEL jacket in the summer with a pair of white shorts and a tank. I would just fling this jacket over my shoulders and it would look great. My motto is, If it has a double C on it, then chances are I love it. – Tabitha Simmons

I actually wore this look all day following the photo shoot. From the shoot I went to a school event, a meeting regarding my shoe line, followed by a run through at Vogue and on to cocktails after. What I love about the CHANEL tweed jacket is that—in my mind—you can wear it anywhere and anytime. – Tabitha Simmons

This is pretty much the uniform for my life: jeans, T-shirt, blazer. I love adding colour to anything, and an oversized Marni necklace—along with my new wedding ring—is the go-to accessory. This jacket is perfection because it works for everything: I could wear it out with silk shorts, or to the office with white wide-legged trousers. – Sara Friedlander

I collect and arrange books in the spirit of Karl Lagerfeld. Have you ever seen his library?! It’s a book lover’s dream-come-true, a wonderland of treasures. I love that Steidl published The Little Black Jacket; they make the most amazing books. – Sara Friedlander

I love the colour, the double breasted style…everything! It even matches my flower arrangement! – Marina Larroudé

This open-back CHANEL jacket is such an unexpected take on the classic CHANEL jacket! To make it more appropriate for day-time, I paired it with my Current/Elliot distressed jeans, and my favourite jewels: Repossi’s Berbère earrings and Wilfredo Rosado’s cameo ring. For another unexpected hint of colour I wore my CH by Carolina Herrera lilac pumps, and last but not least, one of my favourite bags: the classic 2.55 in white patent; it used to belong to my mother and I asked to borrow it for my honeymoon—but almost a decade later I still haven’t returned it! – Marina Larroudé

A blazer, a T-shirt, and a pair of skinny jeans—that’s my idea of the perfect outfit. I always get compliments when I wear red, so this was an easy choice to pick out of the selection that CHANEL and The Coveteur brought over. What’s cool about this jacket is that while it looks like I’ve layered a red and black tweed over a plain black one, it’s actually one piece; that clever Karl. – Nicole Phelps

I love this layered style: the classic CHANEL tweed with a business blazer is absolute perfection; I’m so into contemporary interpretations of classic pieces. The kitchen is 100% my husband’s territory; he’s a fabulous chef—he’s also the owner of The Crowe Company, his Brooklyn-based catering business—and is always cooking up yummy snacks. I’m very lucky! – Casey Fremont Crowe

CHANEL is classic, chic, perfection. CHANEL is feminine and strong, and it captures the modern woman. I wore gorgeous CHANEL gladiator sandals on my wedding day, and would wear CHANEL every single day if I could. Betty (the Cavapoo) and Penelope (the chocolate Labradoodle) are our beloved creatures. My husband and I are completely obsessed and madly in love with them. – Casey Fremont Crowe

Like the book, our roster of women demonstrates “the astounding versatility of Chanel’s vision” and how multiple women, each with their own individual flair, can wear such an adaptable and lasting garment.

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Photography by JAKE ROSENBERG