While in the real world it’s May 22, 2012, in fashionland it’s already 2013 and time for all the fancy ladies to pack up their summer dresses and festive jewels and go on vacation. In other words: Resort Season.

Oscar de la Renta kicked it off with a show jam-packed with super pretty frocks, massive chandelier earrings, and sophisticated separates. The collection began with a handful of monochromatic looks, before edging its way into color–first with a silver feather skirt, and then a spate of blue looks which gave way to reds, purples, greens and finally metallics.

If the silhouettes were a bit staid, the hair and makeup were not. Luminous bare skin and a petal pink mouth were youthful and fresh; the hair, which was pulled back in a loose chignon and streaked with bright colors, from blue to pink, was edgy and unexpected. And the dangly chandelier earrings added a playful touch.

Overall the collection seemed like a crowd-pleaser for buyers and editors alike, but it was the sequined baseball shirt that gave everyone something to really talk about. Following the show, the sparkly topper popped up on Pinterest rival TheFancy.com with pre-orders priced at $2,490.

  The sequined baseball shirt that gave everyone something to really talk about.

The show stealer unmistakably was the neon hair streaks models were showing off!

Oscar started a new trend: streaking. And not the type we know! The model’s loose buns had a different, neon colored extension in it. Never one to shy away from being overly matchy with his color schemes, de la Renta coordinated the models’ electric hair with their jewelry, which included lots of enamel necklaces and earrings pieced together like brightly colored mosaics.

 What do you think of this hair trend?