Tiffany & Co. is paying homage to the Central Park Conservancy and the 30th anniversary of the Frederick Law Olmsted Award luncheon with a slew of newly styled windows at its New York flagship on Fifth Avenue. Dedicated to Central Park’s greenery, Tiffany unveiled five window displays Tuesday that meld the romanticism of the park with the brand’s jewelry.

The first window on Fifth Avenue features the Conservancy Garden’s intricate wrought-iron gates. Other windows depict an aerial view of the park, showing Tiffany’s flagship and The Great Lawn, scenes of the park’s dairy and lakes, the boathouse, the angel of the Bethesda Fountain, a vibrant garden of tulips and an aerial view of the reservoir and upper sections of the park. Passersby can catch a glimpse of the window displays until May 6.

 Conservancy Garden’s Gate


 Bethesda Fountain Angel. 


In honor of its 175th anniversary, Tiffany & Co. unveils RUBEDO™ metal, a new jeweler’s metal. RUBEDO™ metal is the first such creation in Tiffany’s history and takes its place among the most beautiful metals in the world. In the medieval philosophy of alchemy, Rubedo was the title of the very highest achievement, when matter and spirit fused to create something of rare beauty.

This triumph is perfectly expressed in Tiffany’s new RUBEDO™ metal, which marries the richness of gold, the brilliance of silver and the warmth of copper. Metallurgists experimented with different ratios over a long testing period until they achieved the desired color, radiant with the glow of “first light” that awakens a sense of wonder and ennobles the spirit. In addition, this unique alloy is lightweight yet strong, polishes to a smooth luster and is exceptionally flattering to the skin.

 Tiffany 1837™ interlocking circles necklace in RUBEDO™ metal and silver.

 Tiffany 1837™ interlocking circles pendant in RUBEDO™ metal, small.

Tiffany 1837™ padlock charm in RUBEDO™ metal on a chain.

  Tiffany 1837™ wide ring in RUBEDO™ metal.

Tiffany 1837™ ultra wide cuff in RUBEDO™ metal, inscribed with founder’s signature.