Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the Rarest CHANEL of them all? It’s no secret, The  Coveteur has an undying (and unapologetic) affinity for CHANEL… make that, “Rare” CHANEL – those one-of-a-kind, jaw-dropping, collectors items that are truly works of art. King Karl really knows the key to our hearts… now, if only those CHANEL sample sales still existed! After venturing inside hundreds of homes, it’s hard to believe the number of Rare CHANEL we’ve laid eyes on. We’ve truly seen it all! Today, we give you the “Rare CHANEL Hall of Fame,”

Rare CHANEL had its inception at Celine Kaplan’s house. The brighter the color, the softer the leather, the more chochkies the better – all essential ingredients for a Rare CHANEL.

 Auntie Roops really knows a good lacquered tangerine when she sees it.

 A Rare CHANEL fruit salad. We’ll take ours to go!

This would be their over-achieving, super smart, genius child. This creation is exactly why we love Karl. Why make a plain red bag when you could make a red bag adorned with toys?

 Mirror, mirror on the wall. This is the effing rarest of them all.

The official flag of the Rare CHANEL Religion. Sarah Brown recounts tales of the once glorious times of the CHANEL Sample Sale. Currently coveting: time machines…

 The Rare Rastafarian CHANEL. Enough said.

This CHANEL is Rare because for a night on the town – all you can fit into it is a bunch of rulers. Chic nonetheless!

These are the Rare CHANEL’s Chris Columbus and his crew wore while discovering America.

 This is the Bat Mobile of Rare CHANEL’s.

 We love the gold textured fabric and the use of the iconic coinage.

This is from the St. Tropez Cruise 2010 Collection. It’s the La Madrague Large Tote Bag. It’s made of Fishnet and soft Calfskin Toil.

This is the most bad ass shit we have ever seen. Rare CHANEL: the hoodlum edition.

 Chillin’. Rare CHANEL styles.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is also a very strong purveyor of the Rare CHANEL movement. Have you ever seen bags like these???

This purse makes us envision a lady like Iris Apfel lunching in the matching skirt, jacket and shoes. Nothing like a full set to start the day off right.

Once you go lamé Rare CHANEL you can never go back. Could have sworn we saw it on Carrie B. when her and the gals did L.A.

The attention to detail is insane. The dollar sign necklace that was made exclusively more the Vegas store, the stars and stripes Karl did for the election, and the piping on the silver bag. Not to mention the Tokidoki Karl doll. This is why we love CHANEL.

We would eat this puppy like a red juicy apple. There has to be nutrients in there somewhere…

 Why have a jewelry stand when your Rare CHANEL can double as one???

 Karl’s version of a magic carpet ride. Why can’t we all find a man like Aladdin?

 Screw Santa. We wish THIS would come down our chimney.

This bag is from the St. Tropez Cruise 2010 Collection. It’s a take on the Classic bag with flap and and was made from tweed and lambskin.

 Monet, Shmonet…Check this glam s*#t out.

 The Russian Dolls Edition.

If every library looked like this, we would have done much better in University. Sign us up for CHANEL 101.

 Let them eat…CHANEL!

Erin may have cried when she saw this jailbird velvet number. Equipped with pearl keychain decals. Only Coco could bowl in style.

 Afternoon Nap: The CHANEL Edition. This devil does not wear Prada.

 Who doesn’t have a CHANEL Pillow Clutch??? Goodnight, Carly Cushnie.

 Ozzy Ko refuses to go on his daily walks in anything but pearl encrusted Rare CHANELs.

 Estee Stanley gave us an hour tutorial on just how Rare this Rare CHANEL really is.

 Personally, we would wear this one as a necklace…


 If Rag & Bone and CHANEL had a baby, it would be this shot.

 This would be their second child…

These icy numbers are from the Fall/Winter 2010 Show at the Grand Palais. The ice box bag on the upper shelf is called ‘On The Rocks’ Box Bag. It’s made of Acrylic and synthetic fur. ‪The ice box on the lower shelf is called the ‘On The Rocks Clutch’ and is made of Acrylic ‬ ‪

The waterbottles are called “Heat Handbags” and are made‬ of Tweed and Faux Fur.

 Erin actually tried to steal this one…

 Who doesn’t want to wear a t-shirt as a purse??? We love a good cloth classic.

 Filipa and the Technicolor Dream Bags.

I mean…this is as Rare as they come! Even the Russian doll clutch has her own CHANEL brooch.