For two weeks, Brazil’s lush and vibrant influences will take center stage during the annual Macy’s Flower Show with Gardens by Bachman’s. 

This year, Macy’s is taking things outside for its annual Flower Show. Normally, it’s held on the main floor of the department store’s Herald Square flagship, but this time around, it will take up an entire city block on Broadway Plaza.

  The Carnival-inspired windows at Macy’s Flower Show.

 Tropical plants from the rainforest. Colonial gardens. An 8-foot toucan topiary wrapped in starflowers, button flowers and magnolia leaves.

 Design inspiration came from the late Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx.

 Colonial gardens.

 For this year’s show, the local garden center brought in thousands of plants in almost 120 varieties. They include varieties Dale Bachman saw while visiting Brazil, such as ficus rubber plants, bird of paradise flowers, eucalyptuses, mahoganies and even cocoa and coffee trees.

   A storefront window display advertises the annual Macy’s Flower Show with Gardens by Bachman’s.

   Photos By Kyle Ericksen


March 25, through April 7