Tommy and Dee Hilfiger are two names synonymous with style and power. Both are successful entrepreneurs in their own right; Tommy with his namesake empire and Dee with her recently launched collection, DEESIGNS for HSN. The duo have translated the very same labour of love and passion of their businesses into their home, which is a carefully curated, museum-like abode at the iconic Plaza in NYC.

 They opened the doors to their lavish Manhattan home for The Coveteur, where they showcased their extensive art collection, including works from Warhol, Basquiat, Keith Haring and Richard Prince. Also on display were Tommy’s expansive collection of Christian Louboutin shoes, which could easily pass for artwork.

The pictures speak for themselves…

 I love wearing these pants! Every time I do, I get tons of compliments. They really are as comfortable as pajamas, which is the best reason to wear them. – Dee Pants, Tommy Hilfiger

 The shoes in the middle were a Christmas present from Tommy. I haven’t worn them yet. The other pairs are both Miu Miu. I love that wall of photographs! Marilyn Monroe, Fred Astair, The Rat Pack, Ray Charles… I love old Hollywood! – Dee

This clutch is Alexander McQueen. I wore it to the Met Ball last year, which honored his works. – Dee

 These boots are Alaïa. I’ve had them for ages! – Dee

 My Christian Louboutins – ‘rock and royalty’ – were a birthday gift from Dee. If she can wear Loubs, so can I. They are my favourite. The doors are Keith Haring originals from his own NYC apartment. – Tommy

 This is a series of Marilyn photos from the last sitting with Bert Stern. They were a gift from Tommy’s ex-wife and I just love them. I am not really obessed with Marilyn. I see her as more of a tragic figure. It must have been torture to live up to that image all the time. – Dee

 These boots are Prada. The painting… well, it is an exceptional example of the genius of Jean-Michel Basquiat. One of our most prized paintings! – Dee

 This Hermès briefcase is another great gift from my amazing wife, Dee. We love the Tracy Emin neon. – Tommy

I collect books and music by The Stones. We sponsored the “No Security” tour in the 90’s and designed some cool stuff for them. – Tommy

Ring, Alexander McQueen

Mickey is a limited edition Diamond Dust Warhol. It looks great at night! – Tommy
Ring, Alexander McQueen

 These are vintage sapphire and ruby cuff links my daughter Ally gave me in 2009. Maxim’s was such a great place in Paris in the 70’s. – Tommy

Cufflinks, Vintage

 This is my office at home. The pieces on the left came from the Duke and the Duchess of Windsor’s estate. The tie is tartan – my favourite and the photo is of our children. My office has an original New York Times sign from the original Times building. – Tommy

 This Louis Vuitton foot stool was a gift. The velvet slippers I’ve worn for years with jeans, as well as with a tux. – Tommy

Shoes, Stubbs & Wootton

 I like walking into my own private boutique. The colour coordination makes it easier to select. Although, it’s easier when my shirts are either white and blue or blue or white! – Tommy

 Disorganization is not an option for me. – Tommy

 This is a Studio 54 VIP Ticket by Andy Warhol. I used to frequent Studio 54 in the late 70’s and early 80’s. – Tommy

 The cuff links on the right are Dior. As for the others, I love hippos. [It was] my nickname in school. – Tommy

 This peacock “race-let” is my favourite Sevan piece! It’s a ring and a bracelet that covers my hand in colourful stones. – Dee

Handpiece, Sevan

Sevan is so incredibly talented. A true artisan. No one else can make rings like that! Wearing these rings reminds me of my Turkish heritage. – Dee

 These are quite heavy, but I must say I feel like blonde Cleopatra wearing them. They once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor. – Dee

 I love Dee in high heel boots… any kind. I also love this color from our recent Fall ’12 Runway. I love the boots because they are sexy yet chic and the colour is awesome. – TommyBoot, Tommy Hilfiger

 This is our master bedroom. I wore this Halston jacket and Stubbs & Wootton slippers to the Met Ball in 2011.

– TommyJacket, Halston; Shoes, Stubbs & Wootton

 Tommy and Dee graciously welcomed us into their residence and spent the morning sharing stories of their careers, family and goods.