Moncler, known for its theatrics, showed its luxe Grenoble off-shoot label in Central Park’s Wollman Rink, with 180 models in skates, including some professional ice skaters, dancing to music by the Harlem boys choir and M.I.A.
Forget the catwalk, it’s all about the ice-skating rink for French winter sports label.

Moncler lived up to its expectations. Wollman Rink was turned into an winter wonderland, illuminated by colored lights that changed ever so slightly to mimic the changing seasons. In a moment of perfect serendipity, it even started snowing just as the show began. The show opened with a choir singing Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York,” giving us chills, and later transitioned into M.I.A’s bold new track “Bad Girls.”

 Clad in layers to protect against the cold, models skated their way around Central Park’s Wollman Skating Rink.

    Figure skaters, hockey players and other professionals moved around the ice as a choir kicked off the proceedings with a rendition of New York, New York.

Showcasing a range of chic trousers, knits and jackets, professional skaters took to the world-famous rink and gave New York fashionistas something utterly different to what they are used to.
No front-row catwalk seats, a choir wrapped up in red, white and blue, and a backdrop of Manhattan’s night skyline made for one of the more off-beat and sensational New York Fashion Week displays.

 The Grenoble-based company is known for its puffy jackets – winter warmth that came in more than handy in the frigid Manhattan evening air.

Luckily, the hot chocolate and roasted chestnuts kept us warm while we were waiting.

 Tinsley Mortimer protected herself from the cold in a down jacket and fur hat at the playful Moncler presentation

An anorak-clad Liz Hurley made an appearance with beau Shane Warne and son Damian

The Sixties-inspired collection was predictably fur, wool and anorak heavy.

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