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If you love fashion as much as I do, you know that nothing—absolutely nothing—beats meeting your favorite fashion icons in person. It’s something about coming face to face with the individual that inspires you and shaking the hands responsible for the concept and creation of your most coveted wardrobe piece. That half-rockstar half-role model moment is absolutely irreplaceable. These are the fruitions of fashionista daydreams. Imagine the excitement pulsing through the second floor shoe boutique at Bergdorf’s as the stiletto savvy crowd lined up for the ultimate designer spoil: a personal autograph from Mr. Louboutin himself. It seems that there cannot be enough celebrating for Christian Louboutin.

Linda Fargo and Christian Louboutin

“No such thing as too many parties,” Louboutin grinned. He had arrived an hour and 15 minutes into the red-spangled affair and was instantly besieged by fans, who pulled him this way and that, occasionally planting kisses on his cheeks for their camera-wielding friends.

 The scene at Bergdorf Goodman’s 20th anniversary celebration of Christian Louboutin.

A glitter-strewn red-lacquered circular dance floor had been placed at the center of the second floor shoe salon (watched over by a corseted DJ who spun disco hits) and was avoided by most partygoers, who encircled it in the manner of grade-school mixers, waiting for someone to start dancing. Hundreds of red balloons floated overhead, their strings dangling into the faces of waiters carrying trays of pigs in a blanket, miniature hamburgers and paper cones full of truffle-scented tater tots.

 Michelle Harper in Zac Posen. Patricia Field Patrick McDonald Chiara Clemente Rosa Diaz Natalie Obradovich Adelina Wong Ettelson and Olivia Chantecaille Linda Fargo Christian Louboutin with a Marilyn Monroe impostor.

 As if shopping for a pair of signature red soles isn’t glamorous enough, yesterday each purchase was followed by the opportunity to strut right up to meet the man and thank him personally for keeping your style so fabulous. In return, he’d offer you a reserved smile and customized signature.

The Capsule Collection
courtesy of Bergdorf

 As a fitting tribute to such a landmark accomplishment, Louboutin has published a self-titled book—a work of art in its own right—that explores the captivating, magical world of the man behind the designs. If you can’t quite swing a pair of Louboutins right now, pick it up and use his story to hold you over as you save for the upcoming eye candy that is the March 2012 debut of the designer’s collaboration with Parisian Cabaret, Le Crazy Horse. It’ll be worth the wait.

 The 20 years celebration Louboutin shopping bag

 Celebrating 20 years of adorning the feet of the most sought after entertainers, Neiman Marcus has taken their adoration for the shoe brand to Sunset Strip. Hovering over the infamous LA area, the colorful red bottom billboard will be on display for the next month.