Renowned architect Glen Coben, the creative force behind several of New York City’s most noteworthy venues, designed the 48-seat restaurant characterized by a conceptualist aesthetic, artfully translating Romera’s ideas into shapes, spaces, colors, and textures. The design intertwines the two passions and professions of the Doctor and Chef: medicine and art. The pure, essential, and white tones represent Romera’s medical background, while warm, expressive, and colorful nuances evoke his artistic culinary vision.

Upon arrival, diners are shown to a waiting room and invited to sip champagne and browse a magnificent collection of cookbooks from the Chef’s personal Biblioteca  Culinaria.

Another view of the waiting area.

 Distinctive features of the restaurant include a custom-made “light canopy” above the tables illuminating each dish as well as an interior hanging herb garden revealed as the curtains that surround the dining room are opened, creating a unique staging effect. In addition, the guests will find a radiant wine cellar housing a collection of the greatest wines in the world, what is possibly the most extensive selection of champagnes in New York as well as a wide range of sakes and liquors.

 Behind the scenes, Chef Romera will be preparing his exquisite culinary creations and pursuing his research on the flavors and aromas that lead to perfect harmony in cuisine.

 Kales (A Romerian mosaic of powders, candy drops and sauces of tandoori, garlic, black truffle, turmeric, ginger coconut and aromatic herbs with squab en crochet stuffed with coriander, garlic, parsley, pepper, nutmeg and chopped black truffle served in a table top barbecue, finished with a squab and black truffle sauce.)Actinium (Organic king salmon marinated in beets, orange peel, bay leaf and ginger, over spinach confit with nutmeg aroma and king crab cream, with trout roe marinated in beets, sweet curry, tandoori, rosemary and soy.)
 Unda (Osetra caviar, sweet and sour vinaigrette with extra virgin olive oil, chives, carrots, ginger and house made cinnamon rose vinegar over smoked potato purée with rosemary butter, giant clam, oysters and wakame seaweed.)

 Each of the eleven courses is also paired with Chef Romera’s signature Aqua Gourmand, the latest innovation in high cuisine, ingredients-driven waters that compliment the flavors and aromatic properties of each dish.

 Denique (Chocolate tablets and traditional dark chocolate ganache bonbons, meringues of coconut with strawberry and black currant cream, tandoori with mint cream and sweet curry with orange vanilla ginger cream.)

Chef Romera’s first project in the United States offers guests an opportunity to experience Neurogastronomy, a culinary style he pioneered while working as a neurologist in Barcelona, Spain.

Chef Romera offers a truly innovative culinary approach to cuisine driven by nature and creativity.
His quest is based on expanding, developing, and sharing his knowledge of the neurosciences, arts, and human nutrition.

As a former physician with degrees in neurology and neurophysiology, Chef Romera is guided by the Hippocratic oath. For this reason he strives to control the origin and purity of each ingredient.

With over 25 years of medical expertise, Chef Romera
has developed an unparalleled understanding of the relationship between the sensorial responses evoked by food and the way in which the mind recalls and remembers the experience.

His extensive research in this field has resulted in countless innovations and a revolutionary cooking style within the global culinary scene.